Lightning Round – 2014/12/10

Infographic: The science behind a happy relationship.

How to train your voice to be more charismatic.

In defence of patriarchy.
Related: The sexodus,Part 2.
Related: The emasculation of boys.
Related: The decline of young people’s economic prospects.
Related:The future of permanent unemployment.
Related: The gender disparity in grades.

A simple test for how a potential wife views divorce.
Related: NYT’s happy talk about divorce. More.

Give up porn.

I don’t care and you can too.

Baby boomers will be kicked to the curb.
Related: Young people: Social security is not going to be there for you.

How to shift public opinion.

The outer right coalition.

Shame and boycott cowardly men.

UVA: A rape hoax for book lovers.
Related: Rolling Stone issues a retraction.
Related: Salon climbs down, but only somewhat. Related.
Related: Steve wonders why there is no attention being given to 3 real gang-rape cases.
Related: More on the poor journalism.
Related: The true story of a false rape claim at UVA.
Related: Vox points out an obvious error.
Related: A little round-up.
Related: Roissy wonders why so many rape hoaxes?
Related: Sabrina Rubin Erdely has destroyed the credibility of Rolling Stone.
Related: Erdely has done this before.
Related: 15 people who used the UVA hoax to push a false narrative.

Seems like Lena Dunham was lying about being raped.
Related: Turning against Lena Dunham.

Balkanizing the news.

Even Slate XX thinks the campus rape hysteria has gone too far.
Related: On SJW’s moral authority.

The moral outrage over police militarization cannot be resolved.
Related: Robocops and Ferguson.

Darren Wilson: a cautionary tale.
Related: The artificiality of Ferguson rage.

With all the crime out there, how come leftist martyrs are always scum?

On Eric Garner.
Related: If only it was racism.

Our society and Running Man.

SJWs are out to destroy games.

Modernity’s debasement of language.

Humanity is in the details.

Leftism, equality, and uniformity.

Heroic entrepreneurship after the restoration.

Mass androgyny and World War T.

The monster factory.

A response to David Brin’s Neo-Reactionaries.

Diversity and community are fundamentally incompatible.
Related: The Germans are rising against Muslims.

Exit to Puerto Rico.

Another little piece of Twitter stupidity.

IQ is real and reliable.

Jim on the death of Christianity.
Related: Lessons from papal history

Don’t forgive without repentance.

Why women can’t teach men in church.

I know DNLG, but I couldn’t find this clip elsewhere: Wannabe nun describes meeting Jesus. This is not how Jesus’ love works.

 Rollo on menopause.

A short parable: the button.

Vox finds an article on girls and robots.

Girls dig dark triad and sluts be crazy.

Are transsexuals that sleep with men guilty of rape?

Moderns explain why they ended their relationship.

Israeli feminists reject bill that would make rape by women a crime because of false rape accusations.

The Soviet fox experiment.

European standards of living are overrated.

Be careful what you tell your doctor.

Protesters may not like actual democracy.

The economic imperative of the asteroid wars.

SPLC worker gets himself killed by two blacks.

Biology, economics, and decision-making theory.

New DNA evidence: A breakage in the Tudor’s dynasty due to infidelity.

Scott shows the dishonesty of Vox.

Racistsgettingfired girl can’t handle her own medicine.
Related: Seems her name is Rosi Vo and she lives in a $650k house.

A good ending to the Watson Nobel Prize story.
Related: Another real-talker burned.

How the science got settled.
Related: UN poll: No one cares about climate change.

Excess success in psychology journals.

On the GM and Chrysler bailouts in Canada.

The Libertarian Police Department. A reply.

Net neutrality laws would increase internet costs.

When even XKCD notices the decline…



  1. The article on gender disparity on grades, though over a year old, is quite profound. Don’t recall seeing that before.

  2. So what is “happiness”? Personal contentment? Pleasure? Is my own happiness the best metric for evaluating if something is worthwhile?

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