Lightning Round – 2014/11/26

 Get motivated.

Charles Murray: How to spend your 20’s.

Analyzing attraction.

A style guide for young men.

What love costs: Calculate how much relationships will cost you.

Pax Dickinson is starting an organization to combat media corruption.

Wright dissects a gossip.
Related: Vox responds to a leftist trying to isolate him.

The #waronnerds.
Related: Why geeks stand against feminism.
Related: Post-relationship omegas.

Institutional capture and the eugenic monarchy.

Tribal warfare and higher ideals.
Related: Why discussions between left and right are futile.
Related: Sharpening your tribal instincts in a modern setting.

England: land of discount slaves.

Europeans and Faustian recklessness.
Related: Not all Europeans are rolling over.

On Obama inviting invasion.
Related: Why Obama is pushing amnesty.
Related: TRS doesn’t think it’s going to be that bad.
Related: The 1986 amnesty baby bubble.
Related: Sailer asks a simple question.
Related: On Obama’s immigration order.

Ideology-driven social science.

Brittanus Americanus: a letter from a Jacobite.

The unconventional conservatism of the left.

Jobs and politics.

Related: The Puritanical political impulse.

26 kids and counting: Don’t hate the playa, hate the game.

Globalization and war.
Related: The globalist elite has no cohesion.

Roosevelt and Stalin.

Hong Kong: Don’t fix what isn’t broken.

Japan in recession following Krugman’s advice.

Places in the former Habsburg Empire are more trusting and less corrupt.

Defining post-libertarianism. I became post-libertarian after pondering the question of natural slaves.

With secession for all.

The campus rape craze.
Related: Rape victim on rape.
Related: Freshmen means RAPE!!!!!!

Related: Presidential prosecutorial discretion.

The sane and reasonable response in Ferguson.

The history of Tarot gaming.

The case for idolatry. Related.

Gather ye rosebuds.

SJW game.

More on shirtgate.
Related: Noah Smith tries to sic Shirtstorm mob on Robin Hanson.

PZ Myers and sexist hypocrisy.

Don’t ‘let the little women do it.’

On breaking-up texts.

An actual strong women responds to death threats.

Confusing make-believe with reality, why feminists obsess over Barbie.

Women invents hunky man character, leaves husband for him.

Female managers hate making decisions.

Why is Pando’s Sarah Lacy leading an anti-male smear campaign against Uber?
Related: Buzzfeed vs. Uber.

What went wrong with SFF?
Related: The yellow art of the pygmies.

Golf Nazis.

Debt hole is bigger than advertised.

The decline of porn.

The paradox of international aid.
Related: Firestone in Liberia.

Green companies running out of government funds, moving to pillaging pensions.

No peak oil.
Related: Lies about energy subsidies.

Oxford University shuts down abortion debate, opposes free speech.

Socialism: So wonderful walls are built to keep people in.

Looks like the new Assassin’s Creed will portray the French Revolution accurately.

Obama administration asked CBS to block reporter investigating gun-running scandal.

Gay rights advocate arrested for sex-crime with 15-year-old.

The insanity of Geordie Tate.

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