Lightning Round – 2014/11/05

I don’t care.

Kill Mr. Maybe.

Be uncomfortable.

#NoNothingNovember has started if you’re interested.

The lazy man’s guide to wealth.

Why you should join muay thai (or another martial art).

On anonymity.
Related: People oppose anonymity because they don’t want to think and want power. Related.

Why WRE?
Related: A nation of bastards.
Related: Mencken describes hypergamy.

Rules for reactionaries.
Related: Distributed organizations of men.
Related: Response to NRx needs capital.

The rise of the grey tribe.
Related: The three modern grassroots rebellions.

A primer on who/whom morality.

Why we’re pessimistic.

Some bog-standard Canadian socialist commenting on NRx.

On nationalism.
Related: Evolutionary models: ethnocentrism wins.
Related: NRX, techno-commerce, and society.

Is dysgenics ending? Related.

Wright put this up, so just a reminder, Handle is maintaining a list of political purges.

Don’t vote, you will be punished.
Related: Just say no to voting.
Related: Don’t vote.
Related: Voting is kabuki theatre.
Related: Vote out of spite.
Related: 100 reasons to vote.
Related: Democracy is rigged.
Related: The margin of fraud is 1.2%.
Related: Abandon electioneering.
Related: The key to the Republicans taking the senate.

SJW’s and the mask of sanity.
Related: Vox demonstrates a few SJW ‘debate’ tactics.
Related: Disqualify with lies.
Related: On rabbits, the group, and fear.
Related: Words like misogynist and sexist are simply weapons to the pinkshirts.
Related: The SJW identity police.

The difference between liberals and leftists.

How to make your princess-loving toddler the Right Stuff.

The Howard-Pliven children’s crusade may have killed 9 children.

Gamergate and the culture war.
Related: Gamergate and corruption.
Related: Ezra Klein, Vox, Gamergate, and the politicization of everything.
Related: Chris Kluwe and the lies of the anti-gamergaters.
Related: Gamers are almost all male.

The progressive machine is turning against Bill Maher.

Detroit blamed on white racism.

The Kitty Genovese murder after 50 years.

The American decline: Transportation edition.

On Obamacare.

The web of dependency. Related.

Lawns are signalling.

Spandrell on the anti-Christian ratchet.

 Kicking the secularist habit.

How to destroy a church. Part 2.

Where evangelicals diverge from orthodoxy.

Church broken into and pastor harassed after he endorses Republican.

Ballista and DS’ discussion of marital authority continues. Related.

Now is the time to start a family.
Related: Ballista responds to Matt.

A reminder not to marry a woman over 30.
Related: Women, age, and beauty, both inner and outer.

The etymology of man.

MGTOW is not binary.

Men experience more online harassment than women.

Men take more risks, women play it safe.

Sophia Katz and what ‘teach men not to rape’ means.

The death of the girl scouts.

Internal inconsistencies: Women prefer male bosses.

The friendzone from the women’s part. Also, don’t be Terence, except that bit where he cut it off.

Scott Adams with feedback for feminists on the 10-hour video.
Related: Heartiste on the 10 hours video.
Related: TRS comments on the video.
Related: Who is microaggressing whom?
Related: Attention-whoring and the oppression Olympics.
Related: Cat-calling, race, and rape stats.
Related: Wright comments.
Related: The fundamental problem with man-hating feminists.
Related: 10 hours walking as a racist white woman.
Related: Should Congress Pass the Dig Up Emmett Till and Lynch Him Again Act of 2014?

Personality and why women don’t program.

Single motherhood: hard on women, easy on kids.
Related: Birmingham honours single moms over Tolkien.

When ideology meets reality: a feminist’s struggle.

UK women cashiers demand ‘equal pay’ to male warehouse workers.

A vivisection of Lena Dunham’s new book

GF gets her underage boyfriend drunk, they have sex, he accuses her of rape. Guess the response.

Beware your sins will find you out.

An amusing story of a hamstering gold-digger.

The ‘this is what a feminist looks like’ sweatshop.

Too poor to afford abortion. Vile people.

More on the motte and bailey.

Meet the world’s worst economist: Paul Krugman.

IRS arbitrarily seizes bank accounts.

Liberals: Too stupid to understand threatening things and too filthy to be disgusted by dirty things.

Obama: pro-economy, anti-family.

Student suspended for slicing an apple during healthy eating presentation.

Norwegians angry because female soldier told to do her job.

Sweden: a failing state.

The Red Cross suffers under the iron law of bureaucracy.

Two “Stop the Violence” activists beat down a third.

Wright has a well-written parody of dinosaur revenge fiction.

Toronto’s “conservative” paper: ‘Police shouldn’t wait for formal complaints to investigate.’

An ebola update.

What not to do.

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