Lightning Round – 2014/10/28

Disobey fear.

Advice from Vic Pride.

Why men should avoid college.

20 things 20-year-olds don’t get. Not perfect, but some decent advice for younger readers.

Ballista and DS go back and forth and back again on authority in marriage.
Related: Replacing marriage with holy matrimony.

Why women need to be subordinated for successful reproduction.

Anarcho-tyranny and social technology.

Feminists, Gamergate, and the curse of Eve. Related.
Related: Matt Forney’s stance on gamergate.
Related: How Mike played pathetic bully Sam Biddle.
Related: Mike puts up some dirt on Gawker.
Related: Vox attacks a gaming parasite writing for the NYT.
Related: More on Gamergate from Wright.
Related: Why feminists want to destroy gaming.
Related: Gamergate and 4GW.
Related: Saluting gamergate.
Related: Gamergate vs. Morlocks.
Related: Gamergate is winning.
Related: Gamergate is America.
Related: Gamergate, harassment, and incentives.
Related: A little suspicious.
Related: An open letter to Gawker Media.

The sweet, sweet taste of media tears.
Related: The boringness of NYT Twitter.

Moving from objectivism to neoreaction.

Neoreaction is not traditionalism.

Whig history and collapse.

Leftism is perpetual warfare.

The not-so-secret secret government.

On cultural Marxism.

On thedes.
Related: Nydwracu responds defining thedes.

21-year-old in Britain thrown in jail for tweet, but nobody yet punished for Rotherham.

Canada on its knees.
Related: There is no link between the Parliament Hill gunman and the guy who ran down two Canadian soldiers.
Related: Canada will not be intimidated in their quest for self-immolation.

The threat of entryism.

Out-group altruism.

Riding while white.

A Jew finds he is not hurt by epithets for whites. Surprising.

Robert Caruso revels in the death of others.

Obamacare passed because non-citizens voted for comedian.

The collapse of the Ukrainian narrative.
Related: On US-Russia relations.

Atavisionary comes across a political litmus test for employment.

The FBI is worried about cell phone encryption.

On currency.

Is African-American studies a front for athletic departments?

Ferguson as a get-out-the-vote drive.

The superstition of words.

Maybe if gamers win, Christians will decide the church is worth defending from feminists.

Against transaction in the church and relationships.

California forces churches to fund abortions.

Women’s sins partially enumerated.

How pre-marital sex damages a woman’s ability to be in a relationship.

Relationship advice for the older woman.

New neologism: sexzoned.

Carol Costello delights in men assaulting women.

Teach women not to lie about rape.

Rape culture is a construct that only exists in the mind of crazy women.

Possibly fake, but a bleakly amusing story of divorce fantasies gone awry.

World War T continues.

When women stopped coding.

Democrats in Wisconsin carry out illegal raids on conservatives.

Hillary Clinton: “Don’t let anybody tell you that it’s corporations and businesses that create jobs.”

On AA’s effectiveness.

EU tries to rob Britain of $25 billion.



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