Lightning Round – 2014/10/01

Drinks and gendering objects.

Never trust a man who hasn’t been punched in the face.
Related: Civic virtue.

Mangan has a new book on supplements.

Being from a large family reduces divorce risk.
Related: Science: Predictors of infidelity.

On the Iliad.

The culture war is turning.
Related: The SJW’s mistakenly think they have won.

Men don’t share feelings.
Related: Attempting the impossible.

Weimar Germany and America.

The way of the gang.

The lumpenintelligentsia.

Reaction, Jews, and Christianity.
Related: Jews and divided loyalties.

Ordinary racism and future hyper-racism.

Hawks, doves, and game theory.
Related: Population, decline, and productivity.
Related: Game theory and the omega point.

Neoreaction as an analytical rightward synthesis.

The real culprit is the government.

Pulling the centre.

How standardized testing undervalues men.

Ethnic cleansing in Europe.

Britain: the sick man of Europe.
Related: Britain is only getting what they wanted.

A brief history of black riots.

Woman is culturally enriched, diverse vibrant stopped by armed man.

Repatriation is off the table.

Land has some fun with one Michael Rectenwald on Twitter.

Disconnected NYT alienated from Christianity.

White evangelicals and discrimination.

Philosophy vs. tradition.

Truth, love, and tolerance.

Christian college’s accreditation threatened because it adheres to Christian values.

More on our previous conversations on the Israelite genocides. My opinion remains as it was. I still need more than ‘it’s wrong because it’s wrong’ to be convinced.

“There are 65 employed [unmarried] men for every 100 [unmarried] women.”
Related: Vox: Get the Fed to fix women’s marriage prospects.

A war on men waged through false accusations and courts.
Related: Men are fighting back against false rape accusations.
Related: It has come to this: A ‘yes means yes’ app.
Related: Any man accused of rape should be immediately convicted with no evidence, even 2 years later.
Related: Man fired from Forbes for trying to protect women from rape. The article.
Related: If we applied feminist logic to other crimes.

University of Michigan: Withholding sex and ignoring feelings are abuse.
Related: Indian court: Denial of sex is cruelty.

Women commit domestic violence as much as men.

The BETA shield.

How feminism holds women back from high achievement.

Men unemployed; women hurt worst.

Why there are so many marriage problems today.

Modern women follow those with indifferent contempt for them, rather than their loving husbands.
Related: Stay-at-home moms are happier and have stronger sense their life is worthwhile.

Those aging eyeballs.
Related: Science: Men like women in their mid-20s. Surprising.

Science discredits feminism.

An anecdote of why you should avoid loose women. Another.
Related: Another alpha widow.

Remember: Women self-admittedly bang the assholes & losers, while making responsible men pay full price.
Related: Woman spends youth with bad boys, now wants to find someone ‘who deserves her’. Just as she hits 31 too.

Feminist: Feeding illegal, potentially unsafe drugs to your child is awesome if it’s to do an abortion.

25 signs of the destruction of modern women by the sexual revolution.

The back-up plan. Half of women have a plan B.

“Emma Watson wants you to know her life – that of a pretty, rich, famous, popular female megastar – has been monstrously traumatic, because of sexism.”
Related: Feminist Emma Watson: Says men should move from gender stereotypes, dates says dates alpha male rugby star.
Related: Emma Watson’s banal hypocrisy.

Laci Green is trying to censor Youtube.

Trolling and the business of rage.

Transgender man joins women’s MMA, seriously injures woman.

College allows old perverts to expose themselves to little girls.

Female secret service agent overpowered.

No fault divorce hurts women as well.

An actual objective mainstream article on #gamersgate. Bravo TechCrunch.
Related: No need to be a whiny bitch.

The bureaucracy of a bulldozer.

China has fewer bureaucrats than us, but still let go of 100,000 employees who did no work.

Gladwell was wrong: 10,000 hours won’t make you great.

One of my friends once recommended Mister to me.

German Ethics Council: Incest a fundamental right.

On asexuals.

Nerds, science, and testosterone.

Streetlight psychology.

Scientist argues black holes don’t exist.

The leftism of Wikipedia.

Neil Degrasse Tyson: ‘Maybe you can’t find that quote in official records, but I cite the highest authority: me.’
Related: Criticize Neil Degrasse Tyson and they’ll delete your Wikipedia page.

Buzzfeed has a list of evil authors. Wright is number 6.

Appearing on the Daily Show is a bad idea.

Global warming ‘97%’ figure is a lie.
Related: Science: Wind farms create more CO2 than they prevent.

On cannon fodder.

An amusing twitter conversation.

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  1. If you’ve an eye for the way surveys work there is a lot of information revealed in the story (article) linked from Mr. Glanton’s latest.

    According to the survey, white people cannot be discriminated against. While white people are four different categories of people that are supposed to observe discrimination against others. Anti-white White Supremacy which means that white people are supposed to be held to standards that no other group is held to. It follows that white people are never supposed to think of themselves – what belongs to non-whites belongs to non-whites, what belongs to white people also belongs to non-whites.

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