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I didn’t really have anything to write about today, but it’s post day, so I’ll say just a bit more on gamersgate, inspired once again by Cracked and Mark Hill. Two articles were up today.

One was yet another anti-gamergate piece, (sadly, Cracked has now reached my Unvisit list) this one so stupid. For someone who is as supposedly pro-reason as Luke McKinney this is based very strongly in unreason. Despite this I’m going to engage it from points 7 to 1: genetic fallacy, irrelevant ad hominem, fallacy of composition/anecdotal, irrelevant to anything (his argument in #4 boils down to ‘people shouldn’t be allowed to discuss’), ambiguity fallacy, straw man, and, finally, genetic fallacy again. I should also note that the asinine immaturity of Luke McKinney in this piece is rather ironically humourous given that point #1 in last week’s article on gamersgate was “We’re Incapable of Mature Conversations About Gender”.


At this point, I’m going to make a small aside on the term Social Justice Warrior (SJW), as Luke McKinney is not the only one I’ve seen commenting on how SJW sounds awesome.

SJW is a term of pointed mockery. The mockery comes exactly from the fact that SJW’s are the farthest things possible from warriors. Fatties who revel in their obesity, feminists that go into conniptions when its pointed out that sluttery and tattoos go hand in hand, women that become physically ill from words, people who try to ban trashtalk from games because it hurts their feewings, and psychologically ill perverts who can not tell fantasy from reality are as unlike warriors as is humanely possible.

Using the term social justice warrior simply points out, in an ironic fashion, the pathetic weakness of the SJW’s (on an individual level; as a screaming, anonymous lynch mob they do have some social power).


Cracked and the rest of the SJW’s seem so very confused by gamers’ motivations against SJW’s that they can posit no explanation but ‘those evil mysoginists hate women’. Which bring us to the second article, where Mark Hill goes on about why video game narratives need to change. At first glance, this article seems relatively benign, what’s wrong with making suggestions to improve video games, but if we look at it closely, his arguments essentially boil down to:

6: Stories should have fewer sociopaths. He specifically points people who do things that make games fun as sociopaths, but, in context of other anti-gamersgate Cracked articles, it is clear that anyone deviating from SJW orthodoxy is a sociopath.

5: Villains should be made more morally grey, so the difference between heroes and villains are less stark (ie. break down traditional morality and replace with prog morality).

4: Games should decide your character’s emotions and reactions for you, the game should think for you, rather than you reacting to the game yourself.

3: The reason we’re shooting at people can not be ‘fun’, there must be a justifiable reason that is very easy to understand without reading.

2: Suggestions having to do with pacing and structure, which are not relevant, one way or the other, to my point.

1: Games should dictate morality, particularly SJW morality, rather than let gamers figure out moral quandaries for themselves.

Why, oh why, would gamers be against this? Why would gamers be against people trying to remove the fun parts of games and turn games into morality lectures?

Mark Hill is a perfect demonstration of why gamers are against the SJW’s entering gaming, and it has nothing to do with misogyny. They want to turn games away from the objective of fun and towards the objective of forcing their SJW moral system on people who just want to relax for a few hours.


  1. Women complain that men who play games intimidated and isolated them. They are reluctantly allowed in, and they set about destroying the parts of gaming men enjoyed. It appears that not only were men in the right by threatening and isolating, but that they must continue to do so if they want to keep their games the way they are.

    If women want to play games, they can develop their own industry, like men had to do. If not, they they will have to go without.

    The Shadowed Knight

  2. My answer to this SJW nonsense is:

    Vote with your wallet, then. Don’t buy titles that you don’t like. I don’t try to bash women playing “The Sims” series nor “Second Life” clones. They look like a waste of time to me, but it’s not for me to decide. I’d like to see the courtesy returned.

  3. This #GamerGate thing is getting out of control. First, it was the Zoe Quinn having sexual relations with journalists. Then Aurini & Jordan Owen announced their movie. Then the fake Sarkeesian death threats were made. Then 4chan got hijacked by SJWs. They are going around doxxing people left and right. Heck, these obnoxious little shit SJWs even starting engaging us neoreactionaries on Twitter the other day.

    I hope Aurini/Owen’s project exposes a lot of corruption and becomes huge.

  4. Cracked is good for funny lists, but I stopped taking their commentary seriously when I noticed factual errors piling up like snowflakes.

    Don’t ask me to find them now, though, it’s been awhile. Still, don’t trust that site.

  5. @Tree

    I just get the feeling that Aurini/Owen’s movie is going to be a much bigger thing than even they imagined considering how much this is blowing up. Look at who’s upset with this and imagine their anger going viral.

  6. Yeah stop reading cracked and play slut quest. It really sucks when realty is forced upon you. There’s fewer and fewer dark rocks to hide under these days.

  7. I used to love Cracked too. They’re normally pretty good when they can be dispassionate about a subject. But, once they take the position of apologist for whichever Cathedral sacred cow, they degenerate into logical fallacies left and right, and there’s nothing funny about it. Luke McKinney is one of their worst offenders.

  8. SJW’s etymological roots can be traced to its acronymical sibling IDF (Israeli Defense Force) which /pol/ et al. used as an ironic accusation of occult allegiance (before following the Poe’s Law ratchet towards misinterpreted sincerity). The critical meaning of both insults is of a dogmatic propagandizing of certain vested interests, the irony being that the accused mistook the self-identifying ‘ocean of piss’ for a group whose conditioning holds any influence or importance. While they did serve as an important defusive check for unwanted zionist/progressive politics (much the same as ‘troll’ does for heterodoxy in progressive circles), the criticism is not in the impotency of the criticized’s politics, but in their misapprehended context (Q: “Where do you think you are?” A:”An ocean of piss”).

    It is worth pointing out that /v/ has gotten sufficient confirmation of its targeting by ‘viral marketing’ campaigns. Three or four years ago, the accusations of ‘viral’ was given the weary reception of a bad joke that’s overstayed its welcome, while it’s now widely accepted as self-evident but still meaningless information (it’s an ocean of piss whether or not EA imagines there’s a buck to made off its diversion). SJW revelations have similarly followed while the hypothesis of active Zionist agents spreading disinfo on 4chan remains unconfirmed, though /pol/ as a whole seems to subscribe to the operation of some more-or-less undefined clandestine force(s), manifesting in the worries over threads being “slid,” or pushed off the frontpage by the sudden spamming of dud threads, and the political allegiances of the mods.

    And of course, no one really believes 4chan is an ocean of piss (though we were all supposed to). The self-invented image was part of a memetic toolkit intended towards culture preservation; ie, consider “Gore & CP”‘s use as a darwinian filter selecting against sensitivity, and good sense, during any period of high-immigration. The dated classic “newfags can’t triforce” served to educate new generations in the same lesson that’s neatly encapsulated in the maxim: “lurk moar.” The underlying implication of the SJW & IDF moniker belied the same intentions, the “misapprehension of context” translates into being (embarrassingly) new and unconditioned in the subculture: a “newfag” or “normalfag,” a square.

    4chan wants the world to believe it not worth paying attention to, but it’s clear that it has already been pulled from the shadows and placed under the crosshairs for a some time now – in other words, it is succumbing to the Cathedral; of IDF, SJW and Viral Marketer, only the latter term is not a bannable offense (though it was for a period, if I’m not mistaken). The community’s collective mythology would place the point of no return in 2008 with the “Project Chanology” signal event, inviting an unprecedented flood of newcomers. The self-descrptive adage that has come to replace “pissing in an ocean of piss” is “watching a trainwreck in slow-motion,” introducing to the unconditional malignancy of the former a chronological point at which the train definitively broke from its rails.

  9. modern gamer must think “passion” means “Emotions and feels that are perceived as valuable enough to supercede reason”. And it’s the SJWs who should be looking for rocks to hide under. People are slowly beginning to realize just what kind of people they truly are.

  10. You mean like how male defensiveness and insecurity causes them to lash out against women? That seems like emotions overwhelming reason to me. The whole thing started with a jilted ex’s need for revenge. That alone should show the foolishness of the whole gamergate thing but apparently it’s not so people have to try and explain more. I don’t know why they bother. I only do because it’s entertaining. I don’t really think I’ll accomplish anything. Beliefs rooted in deep dissatisfaction with ones life are nearly impossible to dislodge. You guys are in WWI trenches and the rest of the world is moving past you. I assume cracked is mostly trying to inform the reasonable people in their audience of the situation (or more likely for the guaranteed clicks from you people). I for one didn’t even know about it until cracked informed me despite being an avid gamer my whole life including now. Maybe you should stop blaming women or liberals or whatever else for your problems and just better yourselves. Or more realistically just shut the fuck up and play games. It’s not like there’s any lack of the games your type like (many of which I like too). I’m sorry gaming is going the way of country clubs and sports. It must be hard just like it was for misonigist athletes to allow women to participate. Last I checked women being allowed to play basketball or golf didn’t kill the sports. It won’t kill gaming either just widen the options out there. Good thing you can have websites like this for your boy’s clubs. No woman wants anything this has to offer so I’m sure it’s safe from their greedy selfish slutfingers.

  11. “The whole thing started with a jilted ex’s need for revenge.”

    Objections: framing, ad hominem, misrepresentation, and outright lie.

    The whole thing started with the games press being corrupt as fuck.
    “It’s a digital nightmare from which I cannot wake.” “So… it’s a seven?”
    Or take I’ll Make a Journalist out of You from /v/ the musical. The complaints have been simmering for a while. (Also on that musical: complaints about Gone Home.)

    A lot more of the thing was exposed when a betrayed felt it would be appropriate to research who had betrayed him, how she had done it, what else she had done, and if it might be helpful to warn other people against her.

    And then it snowballed as people began investigating just how far the scandal went.

    But nice job trying to frame a lying, cheating, corrupt scumbag as the victim!

  12. @ MG: I see you’ve been ankle-biting in a few places. Most of your BS has just been empty stupidity, but I’ll educate you on one point of ignorance.

    If you had reading comprehension skills and clicked the links, you will find the Zoe Quinn affair actually started much earlier, when she rallied her ilk to attack a group of depressed, near-suicidal male virgins.

    As for morality, the smug superiority and bullying of the SJW’s is nothing akin to morality nor passion; it is simply a group of emotionally unbalanced narcissists with social power hammering on those without social power to win arcane status games and feed their own narcissism.

  13. You still haven’t addressed the fact that he didn’t bring this stuff out until he got dumped. That’s like a KKK member fighting for black rights after his former buddies kick him out or when a celebrity jumps onto a charitable cause because it affected themselves or a friend or relative. Maybe it’s as huge as you say but it makes me suspicious.

    I’m also suspicious of you complaining about SJWs oppressing the little guy when I see the group you represent do the same thing in reverse. Aren’t you also social justice warriors? You just are fighting for a different group then they are. It seems to me that both sides are engaging in Machiavellian style fundamentalism. It’s the same BS that goes on with republican vs democrat, science vs religion, man vs woman, black vs white etc etc etc. The list goes on forever. Perhaps I’m in the wrong to knock you guys but I see you in particularly (you being whoever runs this blog or website or whatever) pushing an agenda of chauvinism and backwards thought.

    You seem to find endless ways to decry the attack on men even though women have been attacked for millennia and still are today. Condoning rape and sexism is common in America, just ask Senator Gillabrand who has been told by male senators both to lose and to gain weight to maintain their sexual approval as if they should matter.

    I’m a gamer of all genres and platforms (except sports/racing barring the Mario style versions of them) since I was like 9 and most of my friends as well and the person I’m seeing now are also gamers. I’ve seen a lot of bigotry, homophobia and sexism in my years of gaming online so forgive me for not jumping right on your side.

    I also find it ironic that many depressed male virgins blame women for their problems when this is mustn’t a result of masculine culture. Women by and large are far more accepting of personalities and bodies outside the norms. One of my friends is an overweight slob nerd (as am I) and he has a traditionally attractive Tina Faye style looking wife. I have yet to meet a single attractive man with traditionally ugly woman. Basing relationships on looks over personality is far more in the realm of men. I’m of the opinion that women date/marry/screw in superficial and callous ways mainly because our society is run on a male dominated hierarchical system. The identity of women is tied into successfully finding and maintaining a positive relationship where male identity is focused more on sexual conquests. This makes sense biologically.

    The male dominated world we live in ties quality of sex for men with how hot the woman is (a societal feature as shown by shifting ideals of beauty throughout history and across different cultures in the same time period or even location). Biology drives women to seek successful loyal and compassionate mates (like my overweight nerdy slob friend). The instances of woman choosing men for looks or money are mostly societal. These are society defined traits that indicate a partner capable of protecting offspring (false indicator since financial success and good looks may correlate with ability to provide but say nothing about loyalty or compassion) but more importantly modern media portrays women as being worth less if they marry a fat slob like my friend over a jock or businessman.

    I think your time would be better served attacking the hierarchical power structure set in place in our society that made you guys outcasts. But instead of attacking the Don Draper types who are ruining our country in so many ways and who marginalized and bullied you your while lives, you instead choose to attack women (or blacks or gays) for not putting out, for being whorey, for wanting an equal voice in society

    I know I’ve rambled a bit but I hope I’ve made my point at least somewhat. Frankly I have very little interest in Gamergate. The gate suffix alone reeks of mainstream media’s overblown scandal reporting. The gate suffix stopped being used for real scandals quite while ago. If you wanna convince me why it’s important feel free. I’m far more interested in the bigger picture. Why are a bunch of nerdy outcasts so desperate to be like the bully jocks and male model types who oppressed and maeginalized them that they’ve developed a wide variety of fantasy bubbles in which they think they are”real hard core masculine dudes”and do the with of their oppressors for them? Please question me. Please try to convince me of your wisdom. I guarantee I like a ton of the same games you do and share your exact ideas about the games themselves (except when my real concern of societal gender/race/equality issues). For instance i believe incredibly in the idea that violent games cause real life violence is just crazy (I’ll kill tons of innocent people in a game cause they aren’t real people and I’ve never harmed a soul in real life except that one time I stabbed a bully with a pencil and that way before I played truly violent games).

    My real issue is the pervasiveness of sexism and bigotry I’ve seen with my own eyes in the sect of society you represent. I hope you actually read all this. I’m hoping to learn about your people to understand these issues I’m interested in better and also to hopefully be a bridge for you guys to gain some insight into your opponents. I’m not actually your opponent I bet. But I am an opponent of bigotry and sexism.

  14. @ MG: Who cares about the boyfriend? It started before that and moved beyond that.

    ‘Social justice’ has a meaning far greater than the sum of its words. It refers to a specifically leftist conception of society and justice which I abhor. I am pushing traditional society and reality.

    Women have not been attacked throughout millenia. They have been protected and coddled. How many women died in the trenches of WW1? How many of black lung in the coal mine? How many on farflung battlefields across the world? etc.

    Nobody (of any consequence) condones rape in North America. There are differences between people in how rape is defined (ie. as non-consensual sex vs. any sex a woman happens to regret at any point time regardless of her actions/words at the time of sex) and how it is prosecuted (ie. under the traditional rules of law and evidence vs. summary conviction of any man accused by a woman needing no more proof than said accusation).

    “Basing relationships on looks over personality is far more in the realm of men. I’m of the opinion that women date/marry/screw in superficial and callous ways mainly because our society is run on a male dominated hierarchical system.”

    Women are just as superficial as men, but in different ways. Men look superficially at beauty (ie. indicators of how fertile and healthy a woman is), while women look superficially at status and markers thereof (ie. hieght, money, ambition, ‘magentic personality, etc.) That you don’t see the inherent superficiality of women’s superficial preferences is simpy an indication of your acceptance of the feminine imperative.

    “I think your time would be better served attacking the hierarchical power structure set in place in our society that made you guys outcasts”

    Who do you think are maintaining this hierarchical structure? Progressives, of which feminists are a part.

    “Why are a bunch of nerdy outcasts so desperate to be like the bully jocks and male model types who oppressed and maeginalized them that they’ve developed a wide variety of fantasy bubbles in which they think they are”real hard core masculine dudes”and do the with of their oppressors for them?”

    Can you not read? They are low-status males that want to be left alone in their bubbles but bullies likes Quinn, Sarkeesian, and other SJW’s won’t leave them be. They’re not bullying, their being bullied and are trying to protect what few safe spaces they have.

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