Lightning Round – 2014/09/17

A red pill refresher.
Related: The sexual and marriage marketplace.

Respect and fear.

Know your stuff.

Some science of basic sexual market truths.
Related: White women prefer white men.
Related: Science: Women like dominant men.
Related: OkCupid data charts.
Related: People still prefer their own race when dating.
Related: Men prefer youth.

Questions to learn about a prospective spouse.

A decisive marriage is a good marriage.

Changing your habits becomes harder as you get older. No kidding.

Your book of gold.
Related: Why one writes.

 Family is what protects a nation from feminism, Marxism, and sluttiness.

The lessons of #whyIstayed for men.

Genes associated with intelligence have been found.

Ted Cruz attacks Middle East Christians.
Realted: Ted Cruz and American complicity in genocide.
Reaction and authoritarian fantasies.

You are a bipedal ape.

The will-to-think.

Anarcho-tyranny is the war of the top on the middle; How the middle can respond.

More on the Jaffe memo.

The Mencken Club is meeting in Baltimore for anybody who’s interested.

Civilization and collective action problems.

Drew Pearson and McCarthy.

On civil war.
Related: Why non-liberals are stupid and crazy.

Reaction and authoritarian fantasies.

Some good comments in this discussion of Spandrell’s earlier sexuality piece.

Never insult someone’s religion.

IQ, sex, and life history.

Nature, nurture, and noise.

The paradox of nationalism.

There is no STEM shortage.
Related: Science does not need more women.
Related: The problem with STEM is too many women.
Related: The problems of women in the workforce.

Sunspots and climate change.

Good news in Sweden.

What a martian would learn of blacks and whites.

Ferguson and blacks not wanting blacks to move in.

Black thedishness.

How government lobbies itself for more government.

Gamersgate: The cathedral in action.
Related: The importance of gamersgate.
Related: Leigh Alexander is a bully, a bully.
Related: Did Anita Sarkeesian fabricate her story of contacting the authorities?
Related: Feminists are attempting to destroy video games.

Another non-racist crime that won’t be remembered.
Related: Gawker: Relax and enjoy your muggings.

An eye-for-an-eye makes the world careful.
Related: An eye for an eye makes the whole world cooperative.

Comment of the week: “Is my Bible the only one with the book of Job in it?”

Zippy on literalism and inerrancy.

I don’t think I agree with this criticism of The Story. I’ve never read it so I can’t say anything about the execution, but I don’t think the idea is bad. I could see the use of a short overarching narrative of the Bible as a good introduction to the biblical story for a newer or less-informed believer, as long as it is used for what it is and not as a replacement for the Bible.

Why I quit going to church.’

Jezebel’s poisonous spirit.
Related: Dianna Anderson: Fornication is a sacrament.

Why don’t more men go into teaching? The Accusation.

Rollo on aging spinsters.

A mother-daughter lesbian couple. Who are we to judge?

Telling women not to hit husbands is ‘dangerous’ and ‘insulting’.

7 tips on how to raise a boy right, feminist style.

Why hasn’t Emily Hopper been arrested for assault?

It’s exceedingly rare women get pregnant over 50.

6 months in jail for being late in child support payments.

Why is there still a pay gap? Average IQ of major by gender ratio.
Related: SJW group: Math the domain of old, white men.

Ray Rice: Men and women are different and everyone knows it.
Related: The one punch standard.

Gay activists being convicted of pedophilic sex crimes.

Society is fixed; biology is mutable.

Socialism: “Our Chavez, who art in Heaven, the Earth, the sea, and we, delegates, hallowed be thy name.”

Obama unilaterally declares war in breach of constitution.

A critique of Marx.

John C Wright with a short lesson on political correctness.

Bad things happen in dangerous places.

On the origins of Ashkenazis.

Someone made an App so you can buy goods based on partisanship. Also, Will gets exit.

A review of the TrackingPoint rifle.

NYT: “Assault-weapons” ban doesn’t work.

IRS conducted ‘secret research project’ with illegally obtained conservative donors list.
Related: IRS to audit Breitbart.

The Gods of the Copybook Heading in the NYT.

I wonder if watching Vox beat up on Scalzi will ever get boring.

Remember, no matter how much you do you can never please the Jacobins. (Joss Whedon version).

The SJW’s have come for the comics as well.

How to give your child a first-rate private education for less than $3000/year.
Related: Public schools are worthless when the teachers are illiterate.

A tale of two charter schools.

Too many nice, white, lady teachers.

To public school officials Pepsi is worse than meth.
Related: DC public school: Compare Hitler and Bush.
Related: Tolerance in Action: Chick-fil-A banned from school.

How to name a baby.

It would be fun to game with John sometime.


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  1. Thanks for the linkage! I’m not sure what you mean by your statement that I get exit, though; could you clarify?

  2. @FreeNortherner1 Thanks for the link (no pingback received).

    I’ve never read it so I can’t say anything about the execution

    Amazon has the first chapter up as a sample.

    I could see the use of a short overarching narrative of the Bible as a good introduction to the biblical story for a newer or less-informed believer,

    This isn’t what this is. It’s just randomly selected sections of the NIV 2011 selected in such a way as to lead to an inaccurate view of what Christianity is. As reading the non-positive reviews on Amazon will reveal, if the intention is as quoted, there are much better works out there if you’re looking for a thumbnail view of the story in the Bible, represented faithfully, with no omissions or additions.

    as long as it is used for what it is and not as a replacement for the Bible.

    What it is, is a replacement for the Bible. This is why I used the quotes (and there’s a number more on that testimony link and elsewhere). If you’re going to go through the Bible, go through the complete unadulterated Bible, not a hacked-up one like The Story. There’s really not much deception here as to what this book is. The marketing materials, the 31 week church program, coupled with the nature of the book indicate well what the intention is behind the book.

  3. Your link to “Average IQ of major by gender ratio” returns:

    “User etpinard doesn’t seem to have that file”

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