Lightning Round – 2014/09/03

What if?

The challenges of being gifted, so ignore them.

Patriarchy and collapsing civilization. Related.
Related: What happens when the patriarchy is smashed?
Related: Men aren’t the violent brutes they’re portrayed as.

Some basic Christian red pill.
Related: Don’t respect women, but get respect from women.
Related: Love, respect, want, and need.

Scott analyzes how the manosphere is growing and recognizes the beginnings of the problem. He misses the system level problems though (when being decent is disincentivized, what do you get more of?). Eventually he will be logically forced into agreeing with us.

Life, death, and emotions.

1,400 children sexually exploited by Muslims.
Related: Muslim predation in Rotherham.
Related: Anti-racism fosters rape and child abuse.
Related: It’s anti-racist’s fault .
Related: The BBC is a rape enabler.
Related: Revolutionary racial terror.
Related: Rot Britannia.
Related: Enoch Powell is still right.
Related: Institutional malice.
Related: The evasiveness of the Pakistani head of England’s largest children’s charity.
Related: Immigration is rape culture.
Related: England’s easy meat.
Related: The state will not protect you.
Related: Domesticated humans.
Related: American media coverage in pictures.
Related: British civilization is dead, as is leftist credibility.
Related: The failure of conservatism.
Related: It will all be swept under the rug in a few weeks.

UKIP growing in England.
Related: Ireland for the Irish.
Related: Hope for Norway.

Abandon the political spectrum.
Related: Don’t vote.


The rise of the troll.

A handbook for deconstruction.

The validity of sterotypes.

The deliberate dumbing down of America.

On the stupidity of correlation does not equal causation.

The rise of the cultural domination of the Puritans.

To stop the caliphate, we need to abandon democratic fundamentalism.

Income and ideology by religion.


A female game developer on the Zoe Quinn controversy. Related.
Related: Video games, the press, and right-wing mobs.
Related: On leftist witch hunts.
Related: The rending of the video game community by feminists.
Related: Did Anita Sarkeesian fake death threats against herself?

The spiritual slavery of the modern age.

Gentrification research results.

Study: Poverty does not cause violence. ‘Unobserved familial factors’ do. Related.

The decay of bourgeois values.

Why blacks are struggling.
Related: The Georgia plan for blacks.
Related: Black and brown ethnic cleansing.

The federal government’s role in the civil rights struggle.

Michael Brown’s juvenile record may have involved 2nd-degree murder.
Related: The reality of ‘he was unarmed.’

A recap of Ukraine.
Related: Ex-US intelligence officer on Ukraine.
Related: Vox’s thoughts on Russo-EU war.

The coyness of God.

The first violence was the armies of God putting down a democratic rebellion.

Denying the meaning of marriage is the new virtue.

On binge-drinking, hook-ups, marriage, and feminism.

There is no rape epidemic.
Related: Remember, women never lie about rape.

Half of women would lie about contraception to get pregnant.

The cost of premarital sex.

Weight as a proxy for virtue.
Related: Hip size and fidelity.

40% of managers avoid hiring young women to avoid maternity leave.
Related: Why venture capital firms don’t hire women.

The leisurely life of a 1950s housewife.

More Tracy Clark-Flory: She racked up huge credit card bills and wants her (oh so lucky) husband to bail her out.

Feminists are not just ugly, they’re manly too.

The fattening of English women.

The grim reality of the MMP for aging divorcees.

Remember, there is no homosexual agenda.

Priciest divorce ever: $17-billion up for grabs.

Schools help with crystallized knowledge but not with fluid cognitive skills.

Poll shows losers have a losing attitude.

Warren Buffet shows exactly how honest he’s being about taxes.

Why we should default.

SF: When ignorant snobs, like Damien Walter, attack.
Related: More on Damien Walter.

A list of what Gavin McInnes believes.

An anecdote of how bad the entitlement class has gotten.

The competitive advantage of Canada.
Related: Canadians renouncing US citizenship over tax laws.

European gun laws.

Eskimos wiped out pre-Eskimos.

On the ‘97% of papers support global warming’ statistic. Related.
Related: The myth of melting ice.

The CDC hid vaccine data.

The narcissism of the aging boomers.

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  1. I find it odd that so many of the anti-Protestant Neoreactionists focus so intently on the Puritan theocracy. It’s as if they believe no-one has heard of Roman Catholc theocracies like the papal states.


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