Lightning Round – 2014/08/27

Some basic red pill.

Gavin McInnes was fired and provides some advice.

Expose your inner entrepreneur.
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A practical guide for choosing your education.

Handling beta bait.

True love doesn’t wait.

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50% of divorced people regret their divorce.

Some passages from the Nicomachean Ethics.

A guest at SSC has created an anti-Heartiste FAQ.

A response to the recent Umlaut neoreaction article. Another.

A reflection on the last 10 years.

On virtue cultures.

Diversity is cultural death.
Related: Insularity.

Who will swing the blade?

The beauty bubble.

Modernity’s debasement of language.

More on leftism as a Christian heresy.

Misandry and male suicide.

Moravec’s paradox.

John C Wright on distributism.

A gigadeath war.

It’s not the end of history.

Dealing with intellectual inferiority.

Why we are anti-intellectual.

Blacks’ trapped status.
Related: Blacks are a separate people.

How to left: feigning compassion.

The left-wing locusts are migrating.

The decline in intelligence.
Related: The terrible cost of equality.

Responding to the Islamic state.
Related: ISIS: rallying the Sunnis.
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On ancient Egypt.

Conservative Republican evangelicals least likely to be superstitious.

Arguments for the existence of God.

Some Southern Baptists are making the case for earlier marriage.

Young women and household management.

A little tale of a wedding.

The fruits of the sexual revolution.

Feminism reaches its logical conclusion.

Men now talking to college women like slow-witted children.

Sluttiness leads to lower quality marriage.

Britain may make ”controlling behaviour” puinishable by 5 years in prison.
Related: Criminalizing dominance.

A summary of the Zoe Quinn controversy.
Related: Some comments on the gaming press.

Women commit rape just as much as men.
Related: An anecdote on false rape claims.

Remember, there is no homosexual agenda.

Trolls are not a problem.
Related: The Cathedral war on trolling is heating up.

A possible purge at 4chan and Reddit.

No Gencon isn’t racist.
Related: SJW’s demand injustice.

NYT holds farming panel, doesn’t invite any farmers.

35% of all Americans get ‘means-tested’ government benefits.

Swedish military unit’s lion is emasculated because women complain.

Vacuum cleaners: The childish lies of the EU.

On being a cop.

Most Americans want to criminalize pre-teens playing unsupervised.

Rote learning is key to mathematical development.

Not the onion: College newspaper can’t be called ‘The Bullet’ because it’s insensitive.

John Scalzi lies to get conservatives to buy his books.

H/T: SDA, RPR, GCBH, Isegoria


  1. The us Army did the same thing. It was a pretty cool patch, horse reared up and all and they took the horses cock and balls. Now it’s called the my little pony patch. I detest officers. Enlisted men (combat arms) want to fight, fuck and win battles. Officers want to get promoted and they don’t get promoted by wining battles.

  2. Why was Wintery Knight’s post ( the one about differences in popularity of superstitions among various groups) tagged with ‘atheism’ and ‘agnosticism’, yet the survey quoted within did not recognize any of those groups?

  3. I apologize. I’m sure I didn’t use ALLCAPS in the comment above. However, I was using the Twenty Twelve theme at the time.

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  5. I get it now. It’s now a feature of the ‘Suits’ theme. Writing the comment in ‘Twenty Twelve’ reverts my choice of theme back to ‘Suits’. Small wonder I was surprised seeing ALLCAPS that I didn’t use.

  6. Claiming that Leftism is from Christianity completely ignores the degenerative effects of Republicanism, which is what we’re actually about. Paganist entryism is easy to spot, even those times when it comes in Roman Catholic packaging.


  7. Exfernal: The problem was with the Suits theme, but I fixed it. Your comments are showing up normally. Maybe delete your cookies, etc.

    As for WK’s post you’d have to ask him.

    Alan: Republican entryism and being a Christian heresy are not mutually exclusive.

  8. Thanks for the linkage, FN!

    For some reason, once again, as several times before (though not last time), no pingback happened – and what’s more, this Lightning Round didn’t get emailed to me, unlike previously, and your latest regular post which was emailed fine! Weird. Glitchiness, I guess.

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