Lightning Round – 2014/08/20

If you ain’t willing to kill, don’t intervene.
Related: How to win a fight with a dog.

Avoid anti-depressants. Drink instead.

The corruption of purity.
Related: True love doesn’t wait.
Related: A number of studies showing that virgins who marry have better marriages.

The natures of man and woman.
Related: Men and women want differently.

Chad has started a parable based on his disagreement with me here. Part 2.

Marriage 1.0 was not dysgenic.
Related: Career women are dysgenic.

Why neoreaction is screwed.

Species do not exist.
Related: Does race exist? Does culture?

The war on noticing.

The Jaffe memo: planned eugenics.

On blaming the prophets.

Vox creates some poetry.
Related: Mexican immigration hurts diversity.

The American nation doesn’t exist.

Media draws map to home of officer who shot Michael Brown.
Related: What happened to Officer Friendly?
Related: Obama suppressed Michael Brown robbery video.
Related: Why don’t the cops shoot?
Related: The thedish logic of political coalitions.
Related: Bonfire: A new show about our racial realities.
Related: In defence of the militarization of police.
Related: The confluence of police and rioters.
Related: Radical chic: if you’re worried about riots, you’re not upper-class enough to not worry.
Related: Radical chic in Ferguson.
Related: Ferguson explained.

Neoreaction, Nixon, and Watergate.
Related: Nixon and the discrimination against the South on the bench.
Related: Nixon and welfare.

The Social Pathologist was not impressed by Wade’s book.

An open letter on reparations.


Study: The American government ignores the interest of the common man.

The empty moral vocabulary of political correctness.

Airports: a sign of our decline.

The effect of the media.
Related: Clickbait yellow journalism.

The mandate of heaven.

A bad king dies naturally; a bad ideology does not.

‘Isolated’ Russia.

System shocks.

The definition of fascism.

The science of sexual deviancy.

New study: Scholarly aptitude is half genetic.

Rachel Haywire: Breaking up with neoreaction. A response.

The failure of trying to make every man a philosopher-king.

There is no patrimony.

Jesus did not teach judging others is wrong.

Mere Churchianity: That’s a good name for a book.

The sham church of Richard Dawkins.

How to destroy marriage.

A beta’s willing self-destruction. More.

How you know the MRA’s are important.

Mel Gibson’s wife takes $400,000,000 in divorce settlement.  She’s made $1755/hour as a wife.
Related: Robin Williams: victim of marriage 2.0.
Related: Robin Williams forced to suicide by divorce court.
Related: Another divorce story. Get a good attorney.

In defense of #WomenAgainstFeminism.

There’s no such thing as an independent woman.

Women: Don’t cut your hair.

Nagging shortens your life.

No one cares when middle-age white men kill themselves.

A decent argument for a guaranteed income.

Was feminization necessary for civilization?

Rand in the happy lab.

Natives in Ontario protect their community.

Dalrymple visits North Korea.

Stories from children conceived by sperm donation. One story.

Related: On isolated demands for rigor.



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