Lightning ROund – 2014/08/13

You have plenty of time to accomplish what you want.

How to deal with haters.

An advice to people at Walmart who dislike their jobs.

Vox answers ‘what is game’?

Saving civilization is not ‘manning up’.

Masculine men and feminine women are happier.

Men have good reason to be concerned about the sexual satisfaction of their partners.

A study of prostitution and female beauty.
Related: Beauty is objective.
Related: Women talk on being beautiful.

Some good warnings on avoiding single moms.
Related: A story of being with a single mother.

Men are drawn to displays of vulnerability.
Related: The subtle forms of submission.

Modernity is a lethal disease that selects for resistance to modernity.

Voice, exit, and moldbuggery.

Fission in neoreaction.

Proxy arguments are not enough.

A neoreactionary foreign policy.
Related: War, public opinion, and privatization.

On Nixon and Watergate.

On intelligence and comas.
Related: The actual argument against IQ.

An argument against the Puritan hypothesis.

There is no white nation.
Related: The failures of nationalism.

The problem with democracy.
Related: Hitch discovered in Dem’s “elect a new people” strategy.

The seven bad ideas of leftism.

Progressive responsibility scape-goats.

Death to the urban elves.

On Ebola.

Why emperors cannot be traditionalists.
Related: Without aristocrats, kings are not much good.

The cost of conflict avoidance.

Archduke Ferdinand’s views on war and race.

The worthlessness of modern art.

Christianity and the progressive deathwish.

On idols.

On ‘controversy’.

Jesus is not a husband.

Wintery Knight has a good response to a Christian blaming men for abortion.
Related: Deep Strength comments.

What is modern marriage for? Punishing men.

Vice profiles female MRAs.

“When feminists are mad at men, they use the word “men.” When feminists are mad at other women, they use the word “society.”

Is feminism worth it?
Related: Did feminism bring happiness?

The working women of European history.

Women using men for ‘companionship’ is not friendly.
Related: No your company isn’t enough.
Related: The other side of the story.

Defining a real woman

Open hypergamy.
Related: Women don’t even trying to hide their AF/BB strategy.

There is no such thing as safe sex.

Why there is no push for women in the oil industry.

On ‘anti-harassment’ policies.

Nature vs. nurture in sluts.

Anatomy of a troll job.

Who really degrades and cheapens women?

This is one of the stupidest things I’ve ever read.

Forney attacks Max Tucker.
Related: What really happened to Max Tucker.

The great filter.

Children taught to cultivate initiative and independence do so.
Related: The casual brutality of public school culture.

Remember, there is no homosexual agenda.

Gardening shows: the height of racism.

The genocide of Yezidis in Iraq.

Amusing irony.

The traditional city.

Twit planet.

“Just make advocating assisted suicide a capital crime punishable by hanging.”

Another secretive 1,000+ member left-wing journalist group.

$619 billion missing from federal transparency site.

Are all men pedophiles? Saw this on Netflix; I should give it a watch.

Judo is uniquely dangerous in Japan.

The definitive IQ list.

H/T: Mangan, RPR, Land


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