Lightning Round – 2014/08/06

Just do it.
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A simple exercise in approach.

Winning an argument with your wife.

Jack Donovan: Why are so many men applauding masculine women?
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Moldbug makes his hiatus official.

The progressive perversions of Christian morality.
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The traditionalist worldview, Part 2.

How many neoreactionaries does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

The need for neoreactionary boundaries.

On neoreaction and progress.

Men need work.
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Radish on the Arab Spring.

Jewish self-immolation.

Surviving an unreliable official society.

War and the ailing health of nation-states.

23 things from rules for radicals.

Why MGTOW should not be an option.

We cannot discuss everyone all the time.

NRx is about dividing the world.

Subsidiarity and freedom are unrelated.

On ideology.


Making it big and material wealth.

Gnon is not God.
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How Christians could conquer America.

Christians, the world’s most persecuted people.

You killed patriarchy and all you got was his stained t-shirt.

On no-fault divorce.

Answer to Donal’s question: I was romantic (bought my first girlfriend flowers every time I saw her for the month I dated her) and the idea of romance still appeals to me, I like doing things that cause someone I care about to smile, but, until I find the right gal, I avoid it because it doesn’t work and I don’t want to waste time/effort on a gal who won’t appreciate it.

“Lists” missing a key component.

Frigidity and power.
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Romancing the personal Jesus.
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The greatest crime against women.
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Nothing angers a slave owner more
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AF/BB in action.

Equality in action: Women only clubs.

On appearing faithful.

Personality and long-term reproductive success.

Your workout and social class.

Argentina defaults.

On literary envy in SF.
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Some interesting net worth facts.

The left puts up a convenient list of our enemies.

Government spends $200,000 studying why Wikipedia is sexist.

ESPN disciplining commentators for not being politically correct. Are SJW’s really their target demographic?

Homeland security agents raid home to secure Land Rover for violating EPA regs.

77% of Americans want the illegals gone.

Seems that a company now offers manservants for women and gays.

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  1. Damn….that alpha game link about how MGTOW should not be an option is one of the ultimate “man up and marry those slutz” arguments that I have ever seen.

    I know that a lightning round link does not imply that you agree but the text of your link makes it seem as though you do.

    Vox is the new Mark Driscoll. Who would have thought…?

  2. “Damn….that alpha game link about how MGTOW should not be an option is one of the ultimate ‘man up and marry those slutz’ arguments that I have ever seen.”

    Breed and raise is more the point.

    It’s perfectly true that nobody has an obligation to save western civ. And those who do care to do so have the right to look on those who can’t be bothered as worthless parasites. If you aren’t interested in saving the West, I have neither use nor respect for you.

    I have no problem at all with men running off to Thailand and marrying whatever they like and doing whatever they like. I would even encourage it, because they’re obviously not going to be any use in reclaiming and rebuilding Western Civ.

    If you don’t care about it, that’s absolutely fine. Go to Japan. Go to Thailand. Go to Africa. Live out your days as an evolutionary dead-end wherever you like. Just don’t expect other men to respect you for it.

    I am most certainly not telling anyone to man-up, let alone marry those sluts.

    MGTOW don’t owe me anything. I’m not saying they do. If men want to be useless, harmless, parasitical, evolutionary dead-ends, that’s perfectly fine with me. Because, obviously, they’re useless anyhow. They’ll not-breed themselves out of existence soon enough.

    If you want to say that this is me telling men to “man up,” fine. Call it what you like. I’m telling Western men that if they don’t want to live in squalor and they don’t want their children to live in impoverished squalor, they will have to fight for civilization. That is a fact no more disputable than gravity. Civilization is not a magic given.

    If you don’t want to fight, if you simply want to live in hedonistic squalor rutting with pigs, that’s your call. I’m not going to shame you for it, but I’m not going to think much of you for it either. And if that’s enough for you, why would you care what I think anyhow?

  3. Thanks for copying and pasting Vox’s rantings for me – it’s not like I could have clicked on it myself.

    BTW if you are in the copying business then why don’t you go copy over the commenters who tore vox to shreds?

  4. “BTW if you are in the copying business then why don’t you go copy over the commenters who tore vox to shreds?”

    Impossible to copy something that never happened. All I saw were a bunch of giant faggots whining and having a gay circle jerk about how it wasn’t fair that their betters look down on them for being unable/unwilling to get their dicks wet with actual women.

    Seems like you’d fit right in, so why don’t you go join them?


    You are literally adopting the language and argumentation tactics of feminists. It’s like cultural appropriation, man! XD As for whether making fun of you is the “best that [I] can do,” um, I guess that depends on what you think the purpose of my words is. If you imagine that I’m trying to “shame” you – that is, make you FEEL ashamed – then no, there are better ways I might go about doing that. But could I do a better job of amusing myself at the expense of pathetic losers like you and yours? Nope, probably not!

    That you call me a “tradcon” is just icing on the cake. My wife and I are atheists, and she’s a stereotypical liberal bisexual Jew. I lost track of my n-count a long time ago, but it’s somewhere in the neighborhood of 300-500, with the most recent several dozen of those occurring during threesomes in the couple of years since I got married.

    Maybe “the west” has become a gynocentric shithole for queers like you who aren’t smart enough to navigate it, but people like me are still doing just fine. Now go die alone and leave the rest of us in peace, you cowardly cocksucker.

  6. @max

    So you reply to my observation of your shaming and insults with more of the same.

    You can be an atheist and a tradcon as well…see commenter “jack amok” on that alpha game thread in question. He is one of the most aggressive and retarded of the tradcons, actually. I know many irreligious tradcons IRL and on the internet.

    Vox’s argument was tradcon, and you are supporting it, making you a tradcon.

  7. “So you reply to my observation of your shaming and insults with more of the same.”

    You did more than “observe” my shaming and insults – you sought (and seek) to make the act seem low-status. Because you are a pitiful excuse for a man – basically a communist and feminist who can’t hack it in the modern sexual marketplace. You and your kind have created a bizarre little community where “shaming” (judging) is bad form, because all pigs are equal and no pig is more equal than anyone else.

    The idea of an atheist tradcon is so retarded that it would take a group of dumbass gamma males to contrive it. But let’s pretend the concept is coherent – I just said that I regularly tag-team chicks with my wife, who is a bisexual liberal Jew. And this, to you, can be true of a tradcon. If ANYONE can be a tradcon, regardless of what they do or believe, then the term is worse than worthless.

    Just tap the fuck out already, you stupid little dweeb. Go play with your little baby-dick and cry some more about how girls don’t wanna play with it and divorcerape and marriageisascam and blah blah blah. I ain’t looking to coerce or convince you in any way. I’m just sneering. You are an evolutionary dead end. You don’t matter. You might as well just kill yourself.

  8. @max

    Sigh…this is all there is to you, huh?

    Ranting, raving, calling me a queer, and telling me to kill myself are not the hallmarks of calm, reasoned argument. The fact that you are so angry, and have to resort to such base accusations and vituperation establishes that you are short on argument and reason and are long on rage and blind hatred. People who are secure, self-confident, and sure of their positions do not act like towards people who themselves are not acting like rabid assholes.

    The idea of an atheist tradcon is so retarded that it would take a group of dumbass gamma males to contrive it.

    Again – I provided counterexamples to that claim.

    If ANYONE can be a tradcon, regardless of what they do or believe, then the term is worse than worthless

    No, not ANYONE – in so far as you are rabidly supporting tradcon arguments, you are a tradcon.

    I’m just sneering.

    Yeah, I couldn’t help but notice…

    Anyway I’m done with this thread – you are an irrational raving lunatic who simply cannot calmly deal with those who dare to disagree with you and instead must go batshit insane on them, screaming insults, pitiful shaming language, and invective the whole time. Calm down, grow up, and learn how to act like an adult.

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