Lightning Round – 2014/07/30

Dalrock makes a great post of Christian marriage advice.

On taking advice from strangers and goals.

How to tell interesting stories.

The definition of game: for the next time a nominalist/essentialist argument breaks out on the subject.

Science: Men like nice girls; women don’t like nice guys.

Marriage should be the smart economic decision.

Women: If you’re not ready to provide sex often and regularly, you’re not ready for marriage.
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Related: The sex spreadsheet is the best argument against marriage yet made.
Related: Conservative white-knighting.
Related: A good comment thread going on the issue.
Related: Remember, modern women will treat the guy they date better than the guy the marry.

A post by a woman for women on age gaps in marriage.
Related: Natural beauty tips for women.

The Umlaut: A gentle introduction to NRx for libertarians.

Frame control for conservatives.
Related: Memetic warfare.
Related: A rhetorical method of the ratchet.

Tradition as knowledge.


The media of the paint-drinkers.

A list of personal study.

Sacrificing to Cthulhu.

Summary of the fate of empires.
Related: Kipling’s the Mother Hive.
Related: The illegal alien crisis of ancient Rome.

IQ shredders, theory of mind, and IR.

On barbarism.

Power throughout the ages.

Neoreactionaries and complexity science.

The slave state.

#DetroitWater: Liberal whites treating Detroit blacks like children.

Heartbreak and government.

Political economy has nothing to do with revenues; it’s all a public ritual.

Atlantis vs. Hyperborea.

The myopia of IQ fetishism.

The deliberate obesity pandemic.
Related: The bad science of food.

Neoreactionary as a smear.

What if democracy is a fraud?

Practices contrary to given law are unjust.
Related: The road to hell is paved with the skulls of bishops.

Patriarchy lite.

The logic of illogic.

Bryce ponders his own mortality.

Man using broken marriage to prove themselves better.

A few results from OKCupid experiments.

Why so many women read 50 Shades.

Women aren’t blameless products of marketing.
Related: Porn: Missing the forest for the terrariums.

Why are “smart” women always so stupid?

We need to shame the sexism in nature.

Radical feminists and transsexuals’ status wars.

Science: Women participating in the labour force is linked to large government.

Seems there’s some more trouble with D&P, Roosh, and Tucker Max.

An amusing exchange between Vox and Dave Futrelle.

Why is IQ related to health?

Numeracy and mathematical literacy.

The war on poverty in 4 charts.

You feel poorer because you are poorer.
Related: 1/3 adults have debt in collections.

Is the down Malaysian plane a set-up for war?

Atheists get IRS to monitor sermon content.

The Stasi more civilized than SWAT.

The courts rule a law means what it says; Obama ignores the court.

Goodbye America in photos.

The psychology of political polarization.

France: proposition nation.

Why Jews succeed.

Ivy League fakers.

Online public discussion and the gatekeepers.

Why comic books are almost dead.

The official alphabetical list of author success.

H/T: Land, Isegoria, RPR


  1. Thanks for the linkage! And thanks in general for doing the lightning rounds, I always learn from them. They’ve become an important part of the ad hoc institution we’ve been creating (name a thing, and suddenly it exists).

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