Lightning Round – 2014/07/02

How to settle conflicts like a man.

Some simple advice for young men.

There is no ‘true self’, so become what you want to become.

Remember, avoid women with a ticking biological clock.

The problems of social conservatism and the necessity of PUAs.

Political policy doesn’t matter when the polis is broken.

Evola on capitalism.
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Related: I’ve always found it odd when people point to an example of socialism and label it capitalism. It’s very common; in fact, almost any time I see someone criticize ‘capitalism’ they are criticizing socialism.

Reactionaries need more elitism.

On exit.

An interview by Gary Oldman has been making the rounds.

Zippy responds to me.
Related: Catholicism, Protestantism, and cladistics.
Related: Atheist Religion.

Poe’s law, hoaxes, and gullibility.

Nuke the UK from orbit.

Anti-semitism is everywhere. Check under the bed.

Colonialism is the solution.

HBD truths necessitate Nazism for the liberal.

The savagery of the Jacobins.

Fact Rape: Gavin McGinnes shows how much the media lies.

Italian Vatacinist: “open season on conservatives.”

Is Catholic Answers even Catholic anymore?

Lessons Christian parents need.

The convergence of feminists and conservatives.

For a woman to find a man, she needs to make the investment worth it.

Science: Criminality is adaptive in industrial society.

The two-income trap. (Echoes of what I’ve already written).
Related: Why did women entering the workforce have no effect on GDP?

Feminists trivialize rape: angry that false rape claimant is jailed.

Hehe… The year 2032.

Don’t flatter a woman if you want her to stay pretty.

Physical attractiveness means good health.

Captain Capitalism’s thoughts on post-scarcity.

The purposes of government pension plans.

Why Mark Steyn isn’t keeping a donor’s list.

Tolerance in action in Denmark.

Section 13 of the CHRA  is repealed.

Maybe stocks aren’t such a great investment.

NCAA coaches deserve their pay.

The creation of the British underclass.

Immigrants have taken all new job gains since 2000.
Related: Immigration is the main reason for the increase in sexual exploitation.

Hipster Nazis.

EPA employees told to stop pooping in the hallways.

Female Dem kills driverless car because she can’t resist pushing button.

Manipulated temperature data.

The SFWA is circling the wagons around a pedophile.





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