Lightning Round – 2014/06/25

Drill it and kill it.
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10 FBI techniques for building quick rapport.
Related: Three phrases to become charismatic.
Related: Value vs. comfort shit tests.

Simon Grey remarks on a previous post of mine.
Related: Marriage is more than a piece of paper.

Alpha body language exercises.

Where “man up” goes wrong.

How to save on your cell phone bill.

The second issue of Dark Matter.

The neoreactionary project: creating healthy memes.

The law of Gnon.

Be ready to take the sword at the right time.

Whiter intellectual conservatism?

The sacrifice of vitality for life.

Civilization is domestication is feminization.

The illusion of government.
Related: Empires last about 250 years.
Related: Let it burn.

America: Harmless as an enemy, treacherous as a friend.
Related: America is fighting itself in the ME.

The cause of anarcho-tyranny in schools.
Related: Common core is not meant to educate kids.
Related: The chaos wrought by progressive education.
Related: Study: Free public housing doesn’t help the poor.
Related: High school filters block pro-gun and conservative sites, but allow through anti-gun and liberal sites.

How tolerance destroys a city.

All 30 “Swedish” girls in a classroom found to have been genitally mutilated.

Genetic diversity in Mexico.

The politicization of climate science.

The modern hivemind at work.

The cognitive dissonance of tech ‘diversity’.

The limits of expertise.

Ideological backfire in Britain.

Do progs hate rural folks because the latter are authentic?

The pains of the open office.

On why to speak the truth bluntly.
Related: Leftists think truth is not true.

Satan is a liberal.

Secularists fail to see the consequences of their beliefs.

What evangelicals should be learning from sex realism.

Wintery Knight’s experience with single Christian women.

The common scolds of America.
Related: Women are more manipulative.

An article outlining the hypocritical entitlement of the modern female.

The naïve idiocy of teaching rapists not to rape.
Related: Feminists don’t want women to be able to defend themselves.

On women who give men they ‘love’ less than the cads of the past.
Related: The Daily Mail notices incentives have consequences.
Related: Judge orders deployed sub sailor to attend hearing or lose daughter.
Related: A third of married women say they haven’t met Mr. Right.
Related: Another thing for men to watch for: bride hides $250k in debt from groom.

David Futrelle covers for violent feminists.

Mommy blogger poisons son with salt.

Marriage and kindness.

Seems I’m a rape-supporter.

The history of the connection between abuse and obestity.

Science: Men and women have different personalities.
Related: Study: The personality differences between the sexes are huge.

Hard limits and electric cars.

Afrikaner denied refugee status.

Redskins stripped of trademark because it’s ‘disparaging.’
Related: 12 trademarks considered less offensive than Redskins.

Lego still hasn’t learned you can’t please the savages.

Minimum wage increase will increase daycare costs.

The SFWA kicks out conservatives, but will harbor convicted child molesters.
Related: The left-wing hypocrites attacking a man for saying pussy, but praising child rapists.
Related: Leftism as a sign of institutional death.

Walmart fact-checks the NYT.

Eliminate corporate tax.

Third-world socialist medical care: coming soon to a country near you.

The Guardian: “The only serious black mark against the NHS was its poor record on keeping people alive.”

Atheism among Christian bands.

An almost fair article on the goals of the Tea Party; it’s for subsidiarity, or patchwork-lite.

Hillary is ignorant and tyrannical.
Related: Hillary Clinton thinks the minority should not be allowed to hold opinions.

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