Lightning Round – 2014/06/11

Basic nootropics.

How to handle ball-busting and shit-tests.

The myth of Krav Maga.

Understanding the educated young woman’s perspective.

The modern church doesn’t believe God’s ways are good.

Deep Strength on marital rape.
Related: Marital rape and Deuteronomy.

Feminists loathe male desire.

Matt reviews the Inevitability of Patriarchy.

The saddest man-up rant ever.

On the female cooption of male space.

The chaos theory of signalling.
Related: The Potemkin Village of progress.

The letter and the spirit of the law.

A warning against right-wing democratic politics.
Related: Another warning.

The Christian right is left.

SSC argues patchwork is liberal.

Avoiding falling into left-wing rhetoric traps.

The crushing of Tory dissent in the American revolution.

Women demonstrates the problem with democracy and liberalism.

Matt Forney reviews Lament for a Nation. I might have to read this.

Decline is the wrong metaphor; storm is better.

How Asians and Westerners think different.

The Infinite Brats.

Washington Post: Marriage is the best way to prevent violence against women.
Related: The decline of marriage in the UK.

Science magazine begs scientists to stop doing science on psychological differences between sexes.

The hierarchical equalism of feminism.

Half of 10-14-year-old girls have cut themselves.

The lies of the ‘gender theory’ people.

Women should choose divorced men because they’re already broken down.

New Republic writes on PUA’s.

Related: TRS makes fun.

Entry-level drone required. Heh.

The culture war continues to be waged against Christians. These Christians should all make a concerted effort to join and take over an LGBT group.
Related: The homosexual Jacobins continue their revolution.

Coming soon to a country near you: Venezuela has drinking water shortages.

Jay Carney decorates his home with communist propaganda posters.

County Sheriff: “America has become a war zone.”

Putin vs. Obama: workout edition.

In praise of anonymity and the silent mass.

The Butterfield Effect.

Is it impossible to lose weight?

On liberal hatred.
Related: The lies of liberal conspiracy theories.

UCLU bans Nietzsche club for being anti-marxist.

Pseudoteaching and real teaching.

Graduation wear for your kindergartener.

Why Amazon are the good guys.

Gladwell pulls back on his 10,000 hour rule.



  1. I think it is inaccurate to say the cultural war is being waged on Christians; Christains are waging war on traditional culture. The churchainty line is a nice at to side step reality but most of them do believe in Christ as the Son of God.

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