Lightning Round – 2014/05/28

To nice guys: Be a man.
Related: The corruptions of the world men fall into.
Related: Avoid becoming a caricature of masculinity.
Related: 10 lessons for the sons of single moms.
Related: Honour and respect.

Rules for living in the Kali Yuga.

How to be a professional badass.

Mike Rowe on dating and finding a job.

The friendzone is a self-inflicted mental state.
Related: The only way out of the friendzone is to stop being her friend.

Both Manboobz and Patheos have critiqued my work. Seems I’m a leader in the Quiverfull movement, an MRA, and a premeditated rapist.

Hugging is beta.

The narcissism of Elliot Rodger.
Related: The psychosis of the effeminate male.
Related: A psych analysis of Elliot Rodger.
Related: Game could have saved lives.
Related: Who is helping the youth?
Related: Don’t be a raging incel.
Related: The parallel between radical feminism and Elliot Rodger.
Related: Game and Elliot Rodger.

The DE Reading List gets a mention in the Imaginative Conservative.
Related: Land rounds up some of the latest press on DE/neoreaction.
Related: nydwracu gets the point of these articles.
Related: Anissimov responds to the Baffler and to the Imaginative Conservative.

The regress of social technology.

A neoreactionary analysis of Canada.
Related: Whig history around the magna carta.

Liberté means all men are slaves of the frenzied mob; Egalité means success is punished and failure rewarded until all outcomes are equal and all efforts are vain; Fraternité means all “comrade citizens” are wards of the Napoleon, the Fuhrer, the Lightworker, or whatever they are calling the Glorious Leader this month.”

SSC plays with dangerous ideas.

On ‘racist’.
Related: The cult of anti-racism.

High-IQ among the races.

NPR: Europeans aren’t afraid of blacks.

Front National and UKIP win big in Europe.
Related: Why the elites hate Farage.

More thoughts on the anti-modern university.

Entitlement as a millennial disease.

The slippery “we”.

Reflecting on neoreaction is a good thing.
Related: How fringe politics generates infighting.

A revealing internet exchange. The communists won’t let others leave with bloodshed.
Related: E > V.

How to survive a witch hunt.
Related: Employment advice: Make them fire you.

You are not required to forgive someone who does not repent.

Attributing agency to divorce.

Rape culture is about power and emasculating men.

The strange madness of trigger warnings.

An oldie of men in bad marriages. Be careful who you marry.

Is RoK really the worst site on the internet?

Letter to a wayward woman.

An open letter to feminist women of colour.

HuffPo and Rebecca Watson triumph paid menstruation leave.

The world of white knights.

How CPS abducts your children.

The personality differences between conservatives and liberals.

A great post on education and post-scarcity.

The modern campus left.

The problem of character-based education.

Obama is not a rare political talent.

The Jacobins never learn from history.

The US can’t help dying veterans, but it can give a criminal a sex change.
Related: Hale thinks Manning’s surgery is punishment.

The war between Amazon and major publishers.

Vox proved right on one of his early claims in the current SF struggle.
Related: The SF thought police strike again.

Making chili. I should try.

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