Lightning Round – 2014/05/21

Frame your problems.

Forney starts the cold shower trend.

The ad hominem landing page.

Deep Strength’s list is evolving. My list has become more stringent as I’ve evolved.

Lighten up.

An unpublished study on the misery of a househusband.

What tattoos signify.

PUA’s, status, and game theory. Part 2.

The Baffler on neoreaction. “Moldbug is as prolific as he is incomprehensible.”

Radish with another great piece on free speech.

Neoreaction’s darkest power.

40 years of declining wages.
Related: Retroactice capital controls and the economic death-spiral of America.

The economic effects of declining trust.

On illegal immigration.

Racism is an anti-concept.

Bryce interviews Nicholas Wade.
Related: Vox comments on A Troublesome Inheritance.

Jayman puts out a great HBD FAQ.
Related: Gene found that could account for 3% of IQ variation.
Related: Medicine to help Aboriginals resist alcoholism.

African women, HIV, and NYT.

Handle has a solid money-making idea.

Northeastern states more segregated than southern ones.

The selective commentary from Obama.
Related: Did you know Obama lied about Obamacare? Shocking.

On net neutrality.

Was Euch’s purging due to Mozilla’s desire to add DRM to Firefox.

Reactive, proactive, and truth.

Realistic moral alignments.

The misplaced advocacy of the church.

A comment on Daniel and raising kids.

A ‘nice guy’ parody of the Louis CK fat girl scene.

The effects of women voting.
Related: The problem with voter ID laws is they don’t make it hard enough to vote.

A feminist refuses to hire women after discovering the troubles of having women in the workplace.

Humour: 6 ways you’re about to get screwed by the job market.

The scourge of relevance in education.

Seems like they’ve started drugging toddlers.

The misery of contemporary conversation.
Related: Technology and community dissociation.

Rush Limbaugh wins children’s book award.

The wages of socialism.

Department of Agriculture orders submachine guns.

Florida: No religion outside the state.

It’s easy to make a scientific consensus if you purge everyone who disagrees.

Banning drug testing hurts blacks.

Heh. Spanish to retain ‘culturally important’ inquisition.

Ancient and modern combat and confidence.

A fun example of double-speak from the Canadian state broadcaster supporters.

Weak men are superweapons. Gotta be a way to use that.




  1. Rather amusingly, the feminist who refuses to employ women is still incapable of admitting that men and women are different:

    Once again, anybody who embarrasses him or herself by chirping idiotically “yes, men and women are different” will be banned outright.

    Some people will never learn.

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