Lightning Round -2014/04/23

Don’t overthink, get things done.
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The bad bargain of modern marriage.
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Divorce and first principles.

Wife goggles: one should have children as young as possible.

Stand firm, let them break upon the Rock, and receive your reward.
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Roissy analyzes Jesus’ social dynamics. A counterpoint.

What is worthwhile?

Christians should be unified, not engaged in infighting. Related. Related.
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The futility of online communities.

Tinder and dehumanization.

You need to be a traditionalist conservative.

The broken and lesser beings of our adversaries.

We’re all corrupt; let God sort it out.

Land usage rights under democracy and monarchy.

Why the minimum wage should be raised.
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The white man’s burden and HBD.

Raising fertility.

Propaganda and war.

This is how it ends. We’re screwed.
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CNN lies on jihadis and the far right.

University death spiral.

An objectivist critique of Radish and racialism.
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Why democracy can’t tolerate free speech.

The progressives have conquered libertarianism.

On identitarian religion.

Religiosity and depression.

Religious sociopathy.

What’s your privilege? Mine’s 63: Quite privileged.

What real rape culture looks like.

The fallacy of the ‘toughest job in the world’.
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Thought Catalog: The nice guy rebels.

Is the left co-opting the word ‘bullying’?

Humour: The unstoppable terrorist plan.

Fatherhood and unhappiness.
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On the Turing test.

The decline of Disney.

Vox wonders if the media will go after Hollywood pedophiles as they did Catholic ones?

The science of successful learning.

Millions wasted a year on thrown out, government-funded, school lunches.

The war over SF continues.
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H/T: Bryce, VD


  1. Bah, there should have been a “think” between “don’t and “anyone.” Sigh. That was an easy one right over the plate and I still missed it….

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