Lightning Round -2014/04/09

The twin pillars of alpha: pain and reading.

Getting shit done: the power through method.

A call for heroic virtue.

Dealing with information overload.

Attachment: the carrot and the stick.

Pictures and manliness.

Mission for the manosphere.

Men musty use wisdom and discernment in choosing their path.
Related: Words are powerful, control them. For women.

How to apologize.
Related: More on apologies.
Related: When not to apologize.

CR at GLP hangs up his hat.

Freedom, eugenics, and human nature.

The mechanics of Russian looting.

Honour over rationality.

The problem with ethnonationalism.

The US: third world country with first world infrastructure.

Progressive dissonance syndrome archive.

European abortion rates and the demographic crisis.

Why we don’t talk about police brutality.

White males are inventing too much.

In defence of racism.
Related: The church and seminary of anti-racism.

On conservatives.

Chinese corruption.

Leftism is the sin of pride disguised as compassion.

How long until we revive the crusade and the inquisition? The cease-fire has been broken, it is purge or be purged time. If you are a Republican business owner, start firing Democrats.
Related: Don’t be a soft target.
Related: We’re not in a rational debate; we’re fighting an ideological war.
Related: Letting the radicals push the moderates to us.
Related: Vox Day at both SDA and Day by Day.
Related: The left “abandoning” free speech.
Related: The end of the apolitical.
Related: The gay fascists will lose.
Related: Transitioning from Firefox to Pale Moon.
Related: A tale of two responses.

Jesus wasn’t nice or tolerant; you shouldn’t be either.

God’s grace and the law.

Christ called to the rich, as well as the poor.

Davis (an agnostic) on the need for Jesus and the lack of need for martyrdom.

The anti-contraception position is increasingly looking to be correct.

A month without responding to feminists. I’ll try it outside the Lightning Round.
Related: Feminism, the click-bait of the manosphere.

Remember: Never marry a single mother.
Related: The rough guide to single moms.
Related: A personal story just to drive the point home.

Men are more pro-life and more pro-marriage than women.

A review of Divorce Corp.
Related: Indianna creates a new debtor’s prison law for men.

8 politically incorrect facts on sex.

18 things females don’t understand because of female privilege. Response.

The evil patriarchy in action: Women don’t choose STEM because nerds are icky. Those oppressive patriarchal nerds.

The myth of female intelligence.

Survivor as an experiment in patriarchy.

Female guards giving control of prisons to inmates.

Women makes 11 false rape accusations to avoid bar exam.
Related: Woman who sent man to prison for 4 years on false rape charge gets two months.

Misogyny is a lack of benevolent sexism.

The sexual market place of the rodeo.

World War T in Japan.

It’s selfish to be a “choice daddy”.

Homeschooled kids are more tolerant of diverse views than the publicly schooled.

Why Jim is bored with Game of Thrones.

Classical family values.

On Leeland Yee and the media.
Related: Arms smuggling and media bias.

The Atlantic discovers what everyone already knew: destroying the family creates poverty.

Natural slaves in the wild.

Using rats to predict the future of our society.

Girl Scouts are evil.

Syrian Muslim rebels overrun Christian town, kill 80.
Related: Coptic women murdered by Egyptian Muslim mob.

The savagery in Detroit continues.

A possible constitutional convention in the future?

Why Norman Borlaug has almost been forgotten.

On junk science reporting.

Failed global warming predictions.

John Wright finds two commercials he likes.

Canadian jailed for handing out pamphlets.

Adventures in socialism: Venezuela issues national rationing cards.

Just when I thought Amanda Marcotte couldn’t get any more viciously stupid

Avoid protein bars.

Humour: 7 reasons Putin is a badass.

Obama the liar.

How long until bars that purposefully cockblock their guests go out of business?



  1. I’m glad to see Mr. Walsh’s blog getting more attention around these parts. And I’m sad that CR has ended GLP!

    Thanks as always for the kind linkage.

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