Lightning Round

Frost launches the Red Pill Review.
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Three ways to stop being a little bitch.
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Castration is not the answer.

Dealing with loneliness.

Seek small victories.
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The clash of masculinities.

Why male-only spaces matter.

Frame and blind spots.

The red pill can’t bring back what was lost.

Take responsibility for what you’re responsible for; don’t take it for what you are not.
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What love is.

Peers, elder, fathers, and sons.

A red pill: Cryonics and hostile wives.

Psychology Today on female desire.

Doc Illusion thinks Max Tucker is not bad for the manosphere.
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It’s possible to get to a point in life where you are beyond help.

The public policy challenge of male motivation.
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On the fissures appearing in neoreaction.
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Focusing on realistic questions.
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The world will become nerd vs. non-nerd.

Chicago, democratic dysfunction, and fraud.

The milquetoast conservative squad.
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Fertility and extrapolation.

Liberalism, Islam, and multiculturalism.
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Real life examples of low-hanging fruit.

Cathedral coordination between reporters and PR flacks.

The puritan hypothesis goes mainstream.

Neoliberalism, Robert Strauss, and Robert Rubin.

The Russia, PRC, Saudi Arabia axis.

Language and the swim of Cthulu.

Jim on gay marriage.

Onward Christian bloggers.

Great read: The desolation of the autumn people. Vox comments.
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Is the Orthodox church going to self-annihilate?

Catholic schools being forced to teach all religions are equal.

A look at Fred Phelps.

Parenting is for the young.

Seems that weird red pill Christian BDSM blog that popped up months ago was a troll.

Some feminists realizing sex-positivism is not good for women.

The awesome temporary power of young attractive women.

The American bachelor as a Mexican fisherman.

The high cost of female coders.

Benevolent sexists happier.

The new morality: Lying to your paramour about being a man is ok, but someone else revealing that the liar is a man is not.

Science and peacocking.

The decline of the academy.

Should it really take 14 years to become a doctor?

Fuck GDP.

Banker suicides up to 11.
Humour: How banks screw you.

Economic bubbles disproportionately hurt women and minorities.

Intelligent people more likely to trust others.

Pay for your own birth control.

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