Lightning Round – 2014/03/19

There’s a new manosphere aggregator:
Related: Seems Viva la Manosphere has been ripping off others. Off the sidebar.

Looks like Tucker Max and Geoffrey Miller are manosphere entryists. Post coming Friday.

Some feminist is making a red pill documentary.

How to be lucky.
Related: Just show up.

Be superior.

If you did everything the manosphere said.

Dark knights rising.

Dominate yourself.
Related: Dominant body language and presence.

The Manosphere should study friendship. Already started here.
Related: Choose your friends carefully.

The Christian game 101 formula.

Donal looks at Sirach, women, and marriage. I still have to read the Deuterocanon.

Christian nice guys are abused.
Related: Faith is essentially fake it ‘til you make it in spiritual terms.

Every Christian man’s battle.

A discussion of Jesus at Cana and a reply.

Thinking too much is also one of my great problems.

Proud not to be a PUA.

A crib sheet of game.
Related: Speak less.

A taxonomy of haters.

The internet may be doing more harm than good.

The white knight landing page.

Some SMP graphs.

There’s more to success in marriage than just being hot.

An outline of a women’s relationship timeline.

New reactionary project: Hestia Society.

Neoreactionary plans for the future.

The reactionary oath has a permanent page.

Who are the neoreactionaries?

The purpose of reactionary politics if to end politics.
Related: Exit over voice.

Neoreaction and social order.

The decline of social trust.

A short introduction to HBD.

A criticism of neoreaction and a response.

Monarchy and SovCorp.

Reactionaries and inequality.

Roosh answers reactionary criticisms levelled against him.

Clannishness vs. state-dependent individualism.

A big summary of the hajnal line.
Related: A bit more on the Hajnal line.
Related: Hypothesis on why NW Europe began outbreeding.
Related: The low fertility of urban liberals is a boon.

The pathogenic theory of culture.

Laidnyc has probably the best ‘yo mama’ joke I’ve read.
Related: The risks of dimorphism.

Neoreactionary subversion.

A crime prevention proposal.

The composition of the Ukrainian government.

Offense as an intellectual allergy.

Low interest rates are a sign and cause of moral decay.

The consequences of the US’ debts.

Progressive hypocrisy on democracy.

Sociopathic patriotism.

Why foreign aid produces bad results.

The degeneration of evangelicalism.

The desolation of the marital altar.

A plea for mercy for adulterers.
Related: The cruelty of the proposed ‘pastoral exception.’

Problems with the church and recovery seminars.

Morality and adrongyny.

There’s a patron saint of shooters and handgunners. Nice.

The patriarch of Georgia singlehandedly raised birth rates by 20%.

Church leaders denying the existence of feminism.

Men’s predation on women is not the problem, women becoming feral is.

The rot goes deep.
Related: Sluts, daughters, and tuition costs.
Related: Roissy comments on the same.
Related: Why does it hurt when I pee?

Young women, older women are trying to throw you under the bus.

Chesterton on women in the workplace.

Women in STEM & MBTI:  Women just don’t have programmer personalities.
Related: Vox starts a Twitter outrage. #iamdoingprogramming

SJW’s deny female agency: bitcoin edition.

Jailing the long-term unemployed.

On female libertarians.

Hook-up culture and campus rape accusations: everyone loses except professional feminists.

Girls don’t have it any worse than boys.

Your tax dollars pay for feminist Mireille Miller-Young to violently assault teenage girls.

Writing and literacy are patriarchal. Guess that means we should keep women illiterate?

Affirmative action for her but never for him.

Triggers warnings silence dissent and protect fragile egos.

A guy wrote a satire for Thought Catalog.

Jewish woman sad that she can’t get a religious divorce because she’s withholding visitation rights from the father.

Amusing story: Lottery winner’s mom wants reunion after 7 years of estrangement.

Woman marries dog. You’d think there’d be a law?

A review of 50 Shades of Grey.

Work on male birth control continues.

A recap of why global warming is a sham.

Private citizens stopped 1/6 mass shootings.

Target shooting in America.

A guide to the gun control debate.

The statistical incomprehension of the masses.

Learning to loathe the USA.

A TRP guide to choosing kindergartens. (Better yet, home-school).

Poor whites are discriminated against in college admissions.
Related: SAT scores by income and race.

Anti-racism is code for anti-white.

Tribalism comes to California.

The racist origins of modern progressive politics.

Can animals distinguish between human races?

Democrats want bureaucrats to visit parent’s homes at birth.

The hypocrisy of leftists in SF.
Related: Winning the culture war in SF.

Demented liberals protest a $100-million donation to a hospital.

Leftist mental illness.

Is American approaching an event horizon in industry?

Eating the young: Global debt reaches $100 trillion.

Voting is an illusion of power.

Why gravitational waves are a big deal.

Socialized medicine and socialist politician killing a little girl.

The lies of homosexual activists.

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