Lightning Round -2013/03/12

Radish finally finished his Pump & Dump post. Read it, it is amazing.

The manosphere and masculine excellence.
Related: Game vs. the reactosphere.

On powertalk and how it applies to the RP. Read the series a long time ago, a good reread.

Follow God, not other’s passions.

Grow or stagnate.
Related: How to accomplish anything.

I’m just somewhat above untrained for the main 4. Much more work to do.

Body language: Hands down. Simple but, from experience, hard to implement.

You’re lonely but you’re not alone.

The truth industry.

Don’t be a nice guy.

Manosphere Omertà.

Applying the pareto principle in life.

Porn replaces our burning to fight. Related.

Man up, church. A biblical defense of giving offense.
Related: The good Christians do in the world.

Advice for short men.

Why men don’t marry, labour force edition.
Related: A Japanese MGTOW’s take on herbivore men.
Related: The ‘mysterious’ rise in youth unemployment.

Roosh is experiencing why marriage is important.

A discussion of God at RoK.

Who cares what women think.

Feminine and masculine communication.

Love your wife through words.

Don’t marry an overeducated woman.

A letter to ABlack spade (cards)’s daughter.

An oldie for good Christian women.

Wifely submission.
Related: Sex should not be weaponized in marriage.

A study on why men marry some women and not others. Good advice for women; some red pill stuff in there. The editor’s note amused me.
Related: A blunt message for women on fertility.

A reactionary oath.

An excellent analysis of the mess of our current legal system.

Our popped culture.

A big summary of the hajnal line.

The death of honour.

On groupthink.
Related: Human cognition and groupthink.

How the media promotes terrorism.

Minority tipping points.

Racial voting in Texas.

A reactionary look at the Lone Ranger.

Seems some ‘medievalist’ got in a ‘debate’ about HBD and made himself look foolish.

The rot goes deep.

Gromar attends CPAC.

Food labels for the retarded.
Related: The decadence of food glorification.

Russia not Right Sector.
Related: Neoreaction and the ascendency of Russia.
Related: The incompetence and moral bankruptcy of the US in Ukraine.
Related: Urkaine: Were snipers from Euromaiden?

The EU isn’t a nation, no one will die for it.

Remember Libya?

I kinda wish Ballista had made that post. Harsh criticism is good for the soul.

Pope could support homosexual civil unions.

The church needs to re-evaluate its conception of gender.

The failure of the bodily autonomy argument for abortion.

The reason women act in certain ways men don’t understand: Women fear being cast from the tribe.

Two women’s funerals.

Men in America are an interruption.

New word: Bureaugamy. (Although, I think I’ve heard it before.)

Horses, fat, and healthiness. Dressing it up in ponies might help some girls get it.

Canadian man found guilty of sexual assault for poking holes in condom; SC makes sure ruling does not apply to women lying about taking birth control.
Related: Remember, even if she says yes, it might still be rape.

Breastfeeding may not be best.

How transgenderism could divide feminism.

“As a result, twice as many women as men passed their genes to the next generation.”

Car status and number closes.

Student loan fraud and mass delusion.
Related: OWS continues their stupidity.

4 harsh truths you need to learn.

The government cannot distinguish between the shiftless and the unfortunate.

What world do journalists live in? Obama’s “era of austerity”???

The decline of the US military.

A second bitcoin exchange goes bankrupt.


A left-wing glossary.

Venezuela food lines.

Global warming in 1922.

App to read novels in under 90 minutes.

Vox on entryism is SF.

Facebook cracks down on guns.

Amanda Marcotte notices something right-wingers have been saying for ages, but, of course, doesn’t acknowledge that her and her kind are the reason this idiocy exists.

Bo-meme-ian Rhapsody.

(H/T: SDA, RPR, Outside In)


  1. Thanks for the link. I don’t think an irrational, angry, hate-filled rant about nothing in particular would have done myself or anyone else any good though. It certainly wouldn’t have been heard.

  2. Would you expound upon Amanda Marcotte’s essay a bit? I think you’re referring to the tendency among those of us who’re paying attention to conclude that when a person is murdered, the murderer often receives a lighter sentence than would a similar person convicted of assault or battery, and that these sentences seem to vary according to race such that non-white convicts do not receive harsh sentences, generally, but white convicts appear to be sentenced very harshly for similar crimes – especially battery. Further, there’s a similar female/male, respectively, correlation. Are you thinking the same thing, or something different?

    Also, I love how she neglects the backstory for the male victim’s changing story.

  3. The strength standards that you linked to are from the people behind Starting Strength. If you really want to get stronger in those lifts, you really can’t beat the Starting Strength novice program. If you are healthy and young (under 35ish), you ought to be able to surpass the novice level in those charts after a couple months of following the program.

  4. Thanks for linking. Thanks for assemblign so many links too, as this is becoming my go to spot for catch up reading.

  5. To all: You’re welcome.

    @Ted: The pro-gun freedom and pro-self-defence people have remarked for a while on the absurdity of self-defence laws where killing an intruder or attacker usually results in less legal consequences than threatening or wounding one.

    @beor: Starting Strength is what I’m working on.

  6. Excellent. I’m working on Starting Strength and I’m stronger now than I have ever been (in 31 years).

    How’s your progress so far?

    Aside: the reason I assumed you weren’t on the Starting Strength program is because you referred to the “main 4” lifts. But Rippetoe repeats ad nauseam that there are 5 main lifts. It’s a sort of Starting Strength Shibboleth.

  7. I don’t do the power cleans. I work out in my basement and the ceilings not high enough. As it is, I have to do the presses from my knees.

    So far progress has been okay. I’m only a couple months in, but I am stronger than I’ve ever been, and I outlifted a friend of mine who many years ago used to be stronger than me, so, it’s going okay.

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