Lightning Round – 2014/02/26

An excellent post of advice to the single young man.
Related: There may not be a solution for Christian manospherians.

The importance of mindset.
Related: Women are gambling addicts, be the house.

Being beta to an ordered alpha may be preferable to disordered alpha.

How to live a life of choice.

Faith is action.
Related: Lessons from Jesus’ interactions.

Meet women, don’t put them on a pedestal.
Related: Make her say please.

Women who don’t love men.

Learn to take criticism or be prepared to fail.

When we say beta, we really mean omega.

Matt Forney is One Bad-Assed Amygdala Hijacker.
Related: Matt starts juicing.

Securing your WP blog from hackers.

Get in the trades.

7 reasons to quit your job.
Related: 7 reasons not to buy a house.

Why Conan the Barbarian is a great movie.

What Wintery Knight wants from marriage.

Your husband doesn’t have to earn your respect.
Related: If you see a wife disrespect her husband, call it out.
Related: WK comments.

“Christian wives should revel in being an êzer, as she is created to be the physical representation of the help of the Lord to her husband.”

Males clubs don’t exist because males don’t want them.

The linking of joy, grace, forgiveness, and charisma.

You were made for paradise; women weren’t.

Women do have more “dating power”.

The effects of the theology of the body.

The 1920’s communist attack on the Russian family. How familiar it seems.

What is wrong with modernity.

Monarchy FAQ: Leadership.
Related: Why a traditional monarchy over SovCorp.
Related: Answering two common objections to monarchy.

When discussing the best government type, you must ask, “for whom?”

Advice for new reactionaries: when the time comes, be ready.

Equality is injustice.

Dark Matter Journal has launched.

A list of Julius Evola postings.

Euromaiden from a neoreactionary perspective. I’m conflicted, but I vaguely support Euromaiden because Svoboda is taking a leading role, but are they being hijacked by America?
Related: From 2011, Ukranian leader says Soro’s preparing Libyan scenario for Ukraine.
Related: No dice for the west.
Related: The I am Ukrainian video was not grass roots.

Neoreactionary debate tips.
Related: Ideological in-group dynamics.

The structured ignorance of progress.

The USG immigration problem.
Related: The immigration is a false solution to the made-up demographic crisis.

WW1 propaganda posters show how far we’ve fallen.

Immigration and the possibility of war.

The amount of neoreactionary exosemantics necessary to understand this piece is astounding. Would this be too high a bar for a neoreactionary Turing test?

The choice is occultionism or neocameralism.
Related: Social norms and community.

Exit for all is unattainable.
Related: Land thinks neocameralism is neoreaction.
Related: Neocameralism is reality.
Related: Exit in France.

Counterpoint to exit: The reactionary view of the economy.

How disaster sneaks up.

Some Twitter developments in neoreaction: anarchy?

The parade of humiliations.
Related: Why a good slur can’t be found for whites.

Anissimov’s opinion on the manosphere.

The difference between the Daily Mail and the NYT.

The envious orcs mean exactly what they say.

What happened to the left-wing cry of ‘keep the state out of the bedroom’?

Gay activists are liars, schemers, and frauds.
Related: Sexual slavery in Africa and the LGBT agenda.

The Canadian brahmins.

Harvard Crimson writer explicitly calls to end academic freedom.
Related: Academic justice already rules, bring it out in the open.

The lifetime chance of a false rape accusation is at least 0.3%, but probably about 3%. Also, feminists lie a lot.
Related: James Taranto on college sexual assault and alcohol.

Chicks dig Right Sector.

Men should not help sluts; help decent people instead.

These evil men won’t help this businesswomen with her bag.
Related: Chivalry is dead.

Science: Men cheat more because they have stronger sex drives.

The androgenisation of society.

Being married with child at 23 is an ‘alternative lifestyle’. We’re boned.

Something we already knew: Mom’s boyfriend greatest risk of child sex abuse.

Why young women should avoid college.

“On average, women tend to take more selfies than men… After approximately age 40, men are more likely to take and post selfies on Instagram than women.” The red pill shows up everywhere. (Goldstein)

Black propaganda in feminism.

Aurini analyzes the Feminist Mystique. Part 2.
Related: So does SSM.

Marriage has increasingly become all or nothing.

How much would you bet this wife had a lot of pre-marital sex partners?

Men think sexual affairs are worse, women think emotional ones are.

One of the more over-worked hamsters I’ve read of.

Science: Ovulation and attraction.

Another story of CPS kidnapping. Maybe some parents need to start taking justice into their own hands.

Women’s capacity for moral agency.

Intelligence and equality.

Modern women bringing feminism to the family farm.

If you’re fat, it’s your own fault.
Related: We’re fatter than we thought and the standard BMI is too high.

Being abused in porn is a feminist act.

“How can a so-called progressive population stand the fact that we still have people in charge who think that you can tell someone’s gender based on a physical examination?” One of the most insane sentences written by man.
Related: How dare they use reason!?!

Some videos of a woman playing semi-pro football; about what you’d expect.

CC doesn’t like ‘idea guys’.

The uselessness of ideology.

Salon discovers Roissy and RoK.

God, language, and secularism.

Another banker commits suicide. A trend?

The NYT admitting genetics plays a strong role in inequality.

You forgo a house payment for 10 years for an average student loan payment.

The problem of modern science.
Related: The statistical bankruptcy of modern science.
Related: How science can go wrong.

Why white man’s burden volunteering is pointless.

People receiving means-tested government benefits outnumber full-time workers.

Cracks in Pax Americana.

Resistance in France.

Venezuela reaping the consequences of socialism.

Education in Singapore.

Against the 4 rules of gun safety. Related.

Did you know the Olympic sport with guns has the least injuries?

Science: Liberals are humourless.

Humour: 5 unexpected things about Gitmo.

Women in combat are more likely to get pregnant than killed.

Many “trafficked” young women are not.

A Russian’s take on Pussy Riot.

What did Captain Capitalism used to say about aspiring rappers?

Partisanship and reality.
Related: More liberals than conservatives believe in astrology.

The difference between psychopaths and sociopaths.

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