Lightning Round – 2014/02/19


Been busy this week, so I haven’t done my normal reading. It will be a bit shorter, but that only means more for next week.

Instead of repeatedly failing the same way, try something different.

The basis of godly masculinity.
Related: Offensive and defensive masculinity.
Related: Unselfish masculinity and teasing.

Godly humility – submit and obey.
Related: Fear and sin.

Joseph’s story of game.
Related: Don’t be a loser, don’t be a jerk, don’t be a nice guy.

The great game debate again.
Related: Christians and game.
Related: Defining game.

Advice for women on avoiding players.
Related: Advice for good girls looking for marriage.
Related: No one has it easy in the marriage marketplace.

Advice for younger women from an older one.
Related: Don’t feel pity for the lonely cat lady; she was warned.

Some advice for raising a boy. More advice.

Be the superhero of your neighbourhood.

There are no feminists in the real world. Matt misses the structural issues.

Radish has a special Valentine’s Day post. What a romantic.

The Neoreactionary Canon in book form.

Democracy, authority, and moral order.

More Mark Shea; getting trolled hard. Although, I must say, I do want to try out “Hey girl! I want to inspect your phenotype” some time.
Related: He got trolled, but that doesn’t matter because we’re all evil racissses.
Related: Gromar comments on the punking.

The sanity of alt-right debate.

A bit of red pill in NRO.

Russia 2014 vs. Africa 2010.

How media workers get paid.

Will Norway follow the Swiss?

A short history of the misuse of the word fascism.

All Christians have doubt; that does not make the faith any less true.

The Christian focus on correcting men is misfocused.

A tale of two churches.

Wright does not like the newest Hobbit movie. This is why I go into movies based on existing works not expecting accuracy it to be true to the source.

Digital mobs and the outrage generation.

Science:  Aloof indifference.
Science: An intelligence gene found.

“Sex addiction” (ie. normal male desires) may become the new reason for divorce.

Woman saves sperm from oral sex, impregnates herself. Man forced to pay child support.

The parasitic human bubble.
Related: Who receives government benefits.

Health “science” isn’t.

Government laying groundwork to take your retirement account.

A farmer vs. PETA.

Euthanasia of the young.

Some people are just too stupid to get it.

Anil Dash does something else stupid.

Vox analyzes self-published genre fictions sales.
Related: The original report.

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