Lightning Round – 2013/02/27

A pro-western Christianity reading list. As if I didn’t have enough to read.

On male friendships.
Related: The death of a man.

How to become a better writer.

What makes you tick.

Tips for introverts.

Advice for the young, right-wing, black man.

On frame, emotions, and social roles. Drama game sounds interesting.

Dalrock points out a rich, spoiled women demanding her privilege.
Related: The Code of Modern Chivalry.

People are so naïve.

The necessary dichotomy between beta and alpha.

A survival guide for modern society.

How to get over a girl.

Really? That actually works?
Related: 100 different openers. I’m probably gonna pick it up.
Related: Foot-in-door game.

Would misogynists make better housewives than feminists?

John the Baptist syndrome.

Guide to lifting.

Don’t waste your time arguing. (But it’s fun).
Related: Why I’m not a liberal or conservative.

What you should know about making money online.

On charity.

Who needs family?
Related: Ideas have consequences.
Related: Are liberals waking up to reality?

We can win the gun control debate by pandering status to the idiots.
Related: Impossible. It was a gun-free zone.
Related: Biden’s self-defence advice would land you in jail.
Related: Only the media could get you to root for the government.

Charts: The Ph.D. bust.

Bureaucracy in action: they stole my boat and bitched at me on my blog.

Reality destroys ideals. Related.

America’s new mandarins.

The wonders of government economic predictions.

Good for the Grizz.

Looks like we’ve exported parts of our society to China. Yay!

How government and society made us fat. Related.
Science: Fat people don’t live longer.

Height and attraction.

The health benefits of semen.

When a women earns more, divorce is 50% more likely. Surprising.

Learn Latin. If I were to learn a new language, Latin would be second after French.

“We are not racist people.”

Adolescence is a marketing tool.

Wishing for a barking cat.

Some good Orwell quotage.
Related: Environmental activists have murdered 8 million children.
Related: The tranzis kill 8,000 more. Slacking a little.
Related: That’s more like it, I thought they were losing their edge.

40 unusual economic indicators.

The type of behaviour welfare incentivizes.

“The biggest winner from a halted Keystone XL will be the railroads. And of them, the biggest winner might just be the Burlington Northern Santa Fe, which is owned by Berkshire Hathaway, the conglomerate controlled by Obama supporter and Omaha billionaire Warren Buffett.” Talk about burying the lede.

The patents stifling the development of 3D printers.

Why Die Hard is the best movie ever.

All internet sites are connected within 19 clicks.

A demographic analysis of pornstars.

This is the intellectual level of the people we’re up against:

(H/T: SDA, GLP, the Captain, RWCAG, Maggie’s Farm, Instapundit)


  1. “There’s been a lot of people that have been shot by an unloaded gun.”

    You gotta be kidding me.

    Now, if she had said a lot of people have been accidentally shot by guns they thought were unloaded, maybe my palm wouldn’t be smacking my forehead. But unloaded guns still representing a threat?

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