Lightning Round – 2013/02/20

You don’t find your place in life, you make it and take it.
Related: The 4-way test.

Humanism: the worship of a mechanical god, and the death of the human soul.

Game should be simple: It’s not about running a game. It’s about being who you are.
Related: As a tall, handsome guy this gives me hope. I just need to learn not to screw up.

“In their revolt against the natural order, feminists have turned women into slabs of meat.”
Related: You have a right not to get hit by a car when walking into a highway drunk.

A reality check for females from Judgy Bitch.

A discussion of beauty.

Pursuit of the ideal man.
Related: Work on the underlying form; don’t cheat yourself.

Conversation tip: Share details.

Science and game.

The rise of patriarchy.

Dalrock writes on chivalry.
Related: Vox expands.

The feminist is nothing without the power of men behind her.

Why MGTOW makes more sense than MRA.

Some pop culture site did a manliness symposium. Not as bad as it could have been, and occasionally good.

Read this. “Then they came for the gun owners, and you liberal shitbags threw me under the bus, even though I’d done nothing wrong.  So when they come to put you on the train, you can fucking choke and die.”
Related: This is the left having a conversation about guns.
Related: Fighting back.
Related: She’d be better off dead than defending herself; ask a liberal.

The divorce rate doesn’t matter.

Did I ever laugh.

An introduction to nutrition for men.
Related: An introduction to lean gains.

Boosting testosterone.

Humour: Trick yourself into eating healthier.

It’s prescription only in Canada, otherwise I might get some.

The 10 laws of money. A response.

10 signs we live in a false economy.

Science: Revealed sex preferences.

Remember: It’s men’s fault.
Related: Personality is not enough.
Related: 10 reasons you might still be single.

Economics and feminism.

Single ladies… woman up.
Related: What passes for an “adult” woman today.

Men and woman are equal as an apple is equal to a banana.

Quote of the week: “If you’re under 40, NARAL’s efforts make it much likelier that your mother didn’t even have children. There’s something both poignant and funny about a group devoted to abortion puzzling over its difficulty in finding young people to support it.”

The 3 types of leftists.

The left’s reluctant racists.

The US should pull out of Chicago.

Privacy tools.

No More Hesitation Targets ™. For when the police really need to get used to shooting pregnant women.
Retraction: DHS is not buying 1 billion rounds of ammo (at least for now).

Steyn: Every man a criminal.

5 best countries to be a criminal. We’re #3! Yeah!

It seems what’s good for the gander is not good for the geese.

“Income inequality increased more under Obama than under Bush.” How’s that hope & change working out for you?

Head start doesn’t work.
Related: Universal pre-school is a bad idea.

Did all the Vikings die off, leaving only the weak?

The whiskey business.

The truth about AIDS.

Ygglesias and the confidence game. He’s almost as bad as Krugman.

(H/T: BoingBoing, Blazing Cat Fur, The Captain, SDA, Smallest Minority, Instapundit, Conservative Sociologist)


  1. Solid links. I think tall, good-looking guys actually benefit from ONLY showing up and not screwing up — if you are tall, good-looking, and have a type A personality, most women actually find it very intimidating. You need to either act mild-mannered or assert status by validating the people you interact with. Friendly strength game. Mystery invented this with his gay dad persona.

  2. Y’all are welcome for the links. Glad you like them.

    Arred: Interesting. I’ve been told I should tone down my harshness and that I’m occasionally intimidating. In fact, I have a post related to that going up in a couple days.

    RT: Thanks for the list, looks interesting.

  3. Definitely. One of the things I’ve found is that as a man, you tend to look at all opinions equally and assess their credibility by scrutinizing the content. If something is fucking wrong, you call it out regardless of who says it. A woman determines credibility mostly by sizing up the source. Sucks for betas, great for us. If you are tall, handsome, intelligent, high status, well-known, etc, she will take your opinions very seriously. Which means if you’re dealing with a woman who perceives herself as in any way lower status than you, you MUST validate her with your attention and affection, or she will shut you out in a heartbeat. Obviously this does not apply to a woman of higher status.

    Love the lightning rounds, by the way. I’m going to add you to my blogroll — take a look and link me out sometime if you like anything.

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