Lightning Round – 2013/01/16

The Last Psychologist stacks so much good stuff in that I can’t summarize.

Knowing the red pill is not enough; act.
Related: Truth is universal.

It’s your fault.
Related: You’re miserable by choice.

Young people are screwed: here’s how to survive.

Drop being nice; don’t invest in women.
Related: The crime of being nice.
Related: It doesn’t matter; reality wins in the end.
Related: Schwyzer was right. Nice guys are manipulative. More.
Related: No one is entitled to commitment.

Vox tears down lies about false rape accusations.
Related: Roosh also destroys the lies.

Do not accept infidelity in your social relationships.
Science: Being committed to marriage makes marriage happier.

For women: How to pick a husband if you want to have kids.
Counterpoint: Run little hamster, run. A women arguing why depriving children of their fathers is a good thing.
Related: More rationalization.

The best explication of sin in the marriage bed I’ve read.

America! Fuck yeah!
Related: NRA approach to school violence supported by majority.
Related: We need to regulate cars the same way we regulate guns.
Related: Contacting your congressman made simple by Ruger. Molon Labe.
Related: Gun control I can get behind.
Related: Props to this kid.
Related: School shooting stopped by armed resource officer. Odd that this is not on the news?
Related: A black man asks to return to his chains.
Related: Liberal self-annihilation.
Related: I joined both the NRA and the CFA, the Canadian version, this week. Some of the few non-profit advocacy organizations I don’t detest.

The shaming of going Galt.

Our vampiric culture.
Related: I’m a monster.

We’re all criminals now.

I should probably watch They Live at some point.

The first shots?
Counterpoint: Doomsday isn’t coming.
Related: It can’t happen here.
Related: Frightening if true.
Related: “Sorry to sound tinny, but I’m pretty convinced that this sudden, intense push for gun control is directly related to the fiscal issues facing this Nation. They don’t want an armed citizenry when the SHTF. This may be government recognition that we have passed the event horizon.”

Registering precious metals a prelude to confiscation.

SSM is disturbed at the world of male sex toys.
Related: Ian on sexbots.

Hmmm… The possibility ofthe criminalization of skipping birth control.

CT West hangs it up.

Samson’s Jawbone breaking from the manosphere.
A response.

It boggles the mind; people upset because a professionally beautiful woman was called beautiful. The moral inversion of the political correctists.


Habits of likable people.

Science: Men are attracted to attractive women. (Shocking!)
Science: Hotter women leads to better sex.

Boys discriminated against in school.
Related: Why girls get better grades.

A map of high school sexuality.
Related: A lesson for young women.

Good for Tarantino; if only more people in the spotlight would do this kind of thing.

Study on porn rethought after researchers unable to find men who didn’t view porn.

Self-hatred in Canada.

Travelling the road to serfdom.
Related: Balancing the US budget requires reducing SS, medicaid, and medicare.

More Krugman hate, because there can never be enough.
Related: Krugman is an idiot.

Statism in action.

When teacher’s aren’t smarter than fifth-graders.

A new trend: selling yourself to pay for college.

“Basically, the reason that there are not more female libertarians is because females, as a general rule, do not like liberty.”
Related: What were they thinking?

Sometimes the old ways are best.

The spiritual but not religious are more likely to have a mental disorder.

British National Weather Service: Global warming hasn’t stopped, just “stalled”.
Related: Global warming is dead.



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