Lightning Round – 2012/12/26

Happy Boxing Day

The struggles of a Christian male.
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A dad is the 10th most popular Christmas gift request.

Be an oak.

The female cartel.

Marriage is inevitable.

Blaming the other.
Related: It’s not rape with a women does it.

Holy Hand Grenade is a lucky man.

Don’t marry a women in her late-20s.
Related: Bad news for post-marital spinsters.

Gentleman-up. Conservative feminists.

How to be effective with a friendzone strategy.

On grooming. Something I need to work on.

Good for CT.

An opinion on gun control. Read it.
Related: Liberals are ignorant of guns.
Related: And they lie.

The NRA did not fold, but I am definitely against their idea to put armed police officers in schools. Private security guards, sure, armed teachers, excellent, but not cops.
Related: By rejecting gun freedom, you are rejecting your own humanity.
Related: Gun amnesty programs are a win-win for both cops and robbers.
Related: What you won’t hear the media talk about endlessly.

The moral of the story: outlaw divorce. Also, why does it always seem in these kinds of anecdotes that liberals poor impulse control and broken families? Is there some kind of connection?
Related: Talk about making the problem worse. There’s a crisis of masculinity, so let’s attack it further.
Related: Our disintegrating society is poisoning us.

“Tip: If you find yourself in total agreement with people you wanted to murder in the last election, you’re wrong.”

Why gun deaths are high.
Related: The Drudge paradox; who are the real racists?
Related: 5.3 Newtown massacres every hour, every day.
Related: 10 shot in Chicago on Friday. Not white and Chicago has a gun ban, so no one cares.

Simon grey smells conspiracy.

The Boy Scouts are under attack because it’s the last bastion of positive male development.

Vox’s Holiday survival guide, parts 1, 2, & 3. Only a day late, but next year.

Are the women at Jezebel incapable of telling the difference between TV and real life?

VR sex is almost here.

The culture of liberty is necessary for liberty to take hold.

Poverty won the war on poverty.

Bill thinks the earth is gonna cool.
Keoni agrees.

The EU hate’s Switzerland’s success with low taxes.

The morality of the people is important, probably more important than the economic system.

Are liberals almost beginning to discover that you can’t just switch millennia of evolution off?

Hehe… The left is funny.

Anarchism is retarded.

Wright discusses hell.

Elihu on Christianity.

The internal illogic of solutions to declining birth rates.

Science: Hypergamy confirmed.

Investment: Ape the Rich.

(H/T: Smallest Minority, SDA, M3, the Captain)


  1. Good to read about scouting. I was an Eagle Scout and never thought about it in those terms before. Now that I’m more aware of the total void of masculinity kids are growing up in, I really am proud of it.

    Great links but I think you should rethink sending Jezebel any ad revenue, for any reason. Your links pay their bills.

  2. Thanks for the linkage and these lists keep getting better and better. Pretty much the best gift I got for Christmas.

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