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Lightning Round – 2016/02/10

The killing fields of the 21st century.

Power comes from force.
Related: Means, goals, and signalling.

Asymmetric warfare is bunkum.

NRx & Twitter.
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28Sherman on fellow NRx bloggers.

To hate where we should hate.
Related: Dread, love, and disgust.

Alt-right: the current chapter.


On liberalism.

Kami, the HIV muppet.

Children of the ruins.

The crackdown has begun.
Related: The Roosh press conference transcript.

Chinese History: Choices.

Against yellow fever.

A carbon tax for voting. Related.

Keep America shitty again.
Related: Trump’s evangelical working class.

The cannibalization of the Bernie Bros.
Related: Devouring their own: Will Wheaton edition.

Europe planning to deports hundreds of thousands of Muslims.

A pact between Christian factions.

Tradcons and feminists.

Who is the abuser?

Cowering in front of women.

The corruption of the American woman.

Hate speech and free speech.

The State of the Dominion.

Some fun quotes from the Ghomeshi trial.


Lightning Round – 2016/02/03

The Duck speaks.

Exclude those who don’t meet your standards.

No flag but the cross.

New blog: Death Rides a Pozzed Horse. Related introspection.

Archiving NRx.

NRx and positivism.
Related: The alt-right.

The history of Saudi oil power.
Related: Treasonous fathers and sons.
Related: British communist spies.

Salami tactics.
Related: The tech salami slicer.

Classes in the US.

Trump and the wage class.

Zippy on Trump.
Related: Tucker Carlson on why Trump. Mirrors some of what I wrote.
Related: Trumpal energy.
Related: Can’t stump the Trump.
Related: Trump spends more on hats than consultants.
Related: Scott Adams on Iowa.
Related: The unmentionable corrupt bargain.
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Bury the corpse of conservatism.

Honesty is not hate.

Blood is thicker than water.

Integration is discrimination.

Rapefugee game.
Related: 17-year-old Danish girl warned not to protect herself from foreign rapists.

Another day, another Muslim terror plot.

Give me your huddled privilege.

Obedient rebels.
Related: Oxford learns the hard way about listening to SJW’s.

Dartmouth’s diversity scam.

I was going to post this video, but it’s been censored.

36 Davos quotes.

Some stuff on money and economics.

Tips for trolls.

Flea politics.

Enough Now! In Sweden.

WW1: One man’s letter home.

On abusing ‘nothing new under the sun’.

The effect of grace.

Orthodox puppets.

Marriage boundaries.
Related: What complementarians mean by not listening.
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Naghmeh’s surprise for a returning Pastor Saeed.

Why you should drink instead of using anti-depressants.
Related: The cure for school shootings.

Illiberal reformers.
Related: The minimum wage was created to destroy jobs for eugenics reasons.

The Oregon Militia situation turned lethal.

GW: Al Gore lied.

Politics as a fashion.

Dawkins is being passed by Cthulhu.

The paradox of human warfare.

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